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Business Newsletter July 2022

This month's newsletter contains important information in regard to multiple new product features.

Did Not Work VS No Show

If a worker signs up for a shift, does not show up, and also doesn’t communicate or give any advanced notice, mark them as a “no show”. They will be given a strike, which comes with repercussions. If you are properly marking your workers as no-shows, it is easier for us to weed out the poorly performing workers from the good, so please do your best to keep up with it. If a worker signs up for a shift and they show up on time, but you turn them away, mark them as “did not work”. This will NOT penalize the worker since it was not their choice.

no show = strike  
did not work =  excused absence

Readjustable Map Pin During Shift Creation 

Sometimes an address location can be a little off, but with our new feature you can drag and drop a pin on the map for a more accurate location. Example: you enter your address and the pin is on the wrong side of your building. Drag and drop the pin to an exact location of your choosing to avoid arrival process issues and confusion.

Tell Us Why You Blocked A Worker

Keeping up with thousands of workers is quite difficult, so that is why Bacon relies heavily on our customers' honest and consistent feedback; We want to know the good, the bad and the ugly. Now when you block a worker, there is a text box made available to you for any feedback you have on the matter that will only be shared with us. We want to monitor workers as closely as possible, so we thank you for your help.

more customer feedback = less poor workers on the app 
less customer feedback = more poor workers on the app 

Manager’s Contact Information Is Now Optional 

At Bacon we value your privacy, so we have now made the shift contact phone number optional. Although, we do recommend that you have a phone number listed in the shift details so that workers can let a shift manager know when they are unable to make it or are running late.

Employers Can Now Remove An Accepted Worker

If you need to remove an accepted worker on your shift, you can now remove them with ease from your phone or desktop! Keep in mind, if you remove a worker within 12 hours or less to the start of the shift, you will be penalized per regular Bacon terms. We hope that this new feature will give you more flexibility and allow for changes that may be needed.

Long Term Shifts

Do you have a loyal gig worker you’d like to use for consecutive days at a time? We have now enabled the ability to make long term shifts for up to 7 days! Keep in mind that workers must commit to the entire sequence of days or they will not be allowed to accept the shift.

Make Individual Shifts Public or Private 

Have you ever posted multiple shifts at one time, but wanted a few to be public and a few to be private? We have made that possible! When posting multiple shifts at the same time, you now have the ability to individually select which shifts you want to be public, and which shifts you want to be private.

7 Day Rate and Review 

We have reduced the time frame in which a worker can rate and review your business. Workers will only have 7 days following their shift completion to review and rate your business. 


Check In & Check Out Notifications

You can now receive a notification when a worker has checked in and checked out of your shift on both the app and website. Hopefully this new feature will make it easier for shift managers to keep track of the workers from Bacon. Don’t forget that you still have the power to adjust their hours regardless of their check in and check out times. 

Have suggestions on how we can do better? Let us know!

As always, reach out to your Client Success Manager or contact clientsupport@baconinc.com with any questions.  

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