Work on demand

Work on demand and pick up shifts with the Bacon app  

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Work on demand

Work on demand and pick up shifts with the Bacon app

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pick up shifts that fit your skills and your schedule


You're in control of the shifts you work. Work a lot or work a little. We don't care. Just bring on the hustle.


Every job offers something new. Gain skills that you did not have before.


Quick money for the life you want

You put in the hard work and you get the pay. After working a shift, get your pay quickly. Bacon is not just another temp job app. It's your new way to earn quick money in exchange for hard work.


find labor gigs & meet new people


Participate in Bacon's "Level-Up Program" to earn perks. Use positive reviews you receive from businesses to build a professional reputation.


Hustle alongside thousands of others as you work shifts with the Bacon App. Whether you work a single shift or 100 shifts, anyone can be a Bacon worker.

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how it works

3 easy steps to pick up shifts

Find a shift

Browse a feed of available shifts. View shift details such as the company, time, pay, and type of work.

Apply & work a shift

Once you find a shift that fits both your schedule and your skill set, apply to the shift, once approved by the company, you will be notified that you've been accepted.

Get paid quickly

After working a shift, the company will give you a rating between 1-5 stars. Once you receive a rating, your hard-earned pay will be on its way to you.

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work on-demand in any industry

Pick up shifts in a variety of industries

Whether you want to work at a professional soccer game or in a fast-pace warehouse, with Bacon you can pick up shifts at a variety of businesses.

Most shifts on the Bacon app don't require any specific skills, just a willingness to work hard.

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FLEXible WORK for
 the life you lead.