Bacon on-demand staffing.

Find temp labor on demand

Find great temp workers with a simple staffing app.


A better way to find quality temp labor

a reliable temporary staffing solution

Bacon is all about making temp work professional and reliable. Our on-demand staffing app gives businesses the power to find temp workers within minutes.

a 5-star rating system promotes accountability

Your business and our platform rely on each other. Rate your temp worker after each shift. We keep track of ratings and reviews so that you can rely on Bacon to send you quality temp workers every time.

set your own hourly wages and choose your own workers

As a marketplace for hourly shifts, we allow businesses to set their own hourly wage and choose their own workers. That's the power of choice.

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why hire on demand with bacon

Bacon is more than an app to find workers or a temp agency alternative. We took the traditional staffing model and replaced it with something better. Bacon is a better way for businesses to find temp labor. Here's why:

high quality temp labor

To hold our temp workers accountable, we have created a 5-star rating system that allows businesses to view worker profiles before they are hired.

To ensure workers are reliable and provide the best results, we have created a three-strike policy that penalizes workers that aren't working up to our standards.

no contracts/subscriptions

One of the best parts of an on-demand staffing app like Bacon is that you've got nothing to lose.

With no contracts or subscription fees, you only pay for the shifts that are worked. No need to worry about hidden fees here.

no conversion fees

The dreaded temp agency conversion fee...we don't have that.

Impressed by a Bacon Worker? Bacon provides temp-to-hire opportunities without the conversion fee.

how our clients hire on-demand

Bacon has hundreds of clients spread across the nation. Whether a client just needs to find local labor to fill a position or they need a high volume staffing solution, Bacon is their go-to on-demand staffing app.


Bacon workers have been there, done that—warehouse fulfillment, event staffing, name the industry and you'll find quality workers for hire.

we've got you covered

background checks

All temporary workers on the Bacon platform are screened and background-checked—meaning you can staff with confidence.


Workers from Bacon are required to have an independent worker’s compensation policy. If a worker is unable to provide proof of a policy, they may opt into the Bacon “Safety Program” policy in order to have coverage.


All Bacon workers are covered by a general liability insurance policy.

easy payment

No hidden fees and no subscriptions. We make it easy to find temporay labor by allowing you to pay directly through the Bacon platform. Pay via ACH, credit card, or check.




Write a post description—include things like location, number of needed workers, dress get the gist. You're even in control of the hourly rate. This is the beauty of on-demand staffing.



Once your shift is posted, any of our workers can apply. After reviewing their profiles, previous experience, and past ratings, you get to select the workers who show up to your business.



After a completed shift, no need to fill out complicated paperwork. Simply give the worker a rating, leave a review, and push a button to pay them with your preferred method of payment on the same app.