Bacon Business Referral Program

refer a business. earn $500.

Do you know of a business that uses temp labor? Maybe you have worked for a business through another app or temp agency?

Bacon will give you $500 per business you refer to the Bacon app that posts 25 shifts!

Please fill out the referral form with any information you have. The more information you submit, the better chance you have at making a successful referral!

* Business referrals cannot be contacts that are currently working with Bacon Sales Representatives.

*Business referrals cannot be existing Bacon clients

In the below fields, enter any info you have for the company. DO NOT include contact info from the agency/app you worked through.

Please enter the email you used to sign-up for Bacon:

Thanks for your referral! If there are any updates in regard to your referral, you will receive them via email.
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how bacon's business referral program works:


Enter all of the information you can. The more the better!


Bacon representatives will use the provided information to contact your referral(s).


If your company referral signs-up for Bacon, you will be notified of your successful referral.


After the business posts 5 shifts, you will be paid $100.


You will be paid $100 for every 5 shifts the business posts until the business has posted 25 shifts.


After the business's 25th shift, you will receive your final $100 payment for a total of $500.

who can participate in the bacon business referral program?

The Bacon Business Referral Program is a perk that is only available to workers with A-TEAM or Elite status.