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next level General labor

Create a shift for your general labor jobs.
Select your workers from applicants by viewing their profiles, ratings and reviews.
verify hours and pay workers
After the shift is complete, rate and pay your workers all from the app.


Bacon is designed to leave out the frustrating aspects of the old temp model and introduce the power and simplicity of on-demand staffing.


Bacon is the tech solution to the unique demands of quick general labor staffing. No minimums, contracts, or subscriptions. Just quick-turnaround general labor.


You control the pay, job type, and requirements for your shift. You choose the workers who show up to get the job done. We don't tell you how to do your job.

know who you're getting

With Bacon's comprehensive worker profiles – including performance ratings, certifications, and special skills – you can pick the right workers for your shift with confidence.

Bacon workers are rewarded for their professionalism by getting access to more opportunities.

Workers are rated on their reliability demonstrated in past shifts. Pick workers who have proven themselves to be reliable.

Bacon workers are driven gig-workers. They're a different breed, working hard for their families, their goals, and whatever life throws at them.

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General labor staffing with
built-in reliability

bacon bench of warehouse workers

Build a bench of talent

Create a roster of your favorite workers and invite them back directly to shifts. You can also hire them with no buyout fees.
fill warehouse shifts in 48 hours

Ramp up in 48 hours

Quickly scale your staff up or down based on your unique labor needs in as little as 48 hours.
backup workers come to every shift

Built-in Backup

Bacon gives you peace of mind by sending backup workers for every shift to ensure you get the exact number of workers you requested.
bacon on-demand staffing

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