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December 2022
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Business Newsletter December 2022

Happy holidays from all of us here at Bacon! This month's newsletter lays out several new policies and announcements to round out 2022.

Happy Holidays from Bacon

We feel so thankful for all of our clients that have entrusting us with their staffing needs this year. We look forward to working with you again this coming year and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New Bacon Policies

Allowing Unaccepted Contractors to Work

Bacon is implementing the following policies to make sure that workers are only working shifts as they are authorized by our platform's guidelines. Please review these policies and be sure to communicate them with anyone else on your team who might be posting shifts! 

  • If a contractor shows up to work when they have not been accepted through the Bacon platform, the company should either turn the contractor away or add them to the shift through the platform before the contractor begins working.
  • If a company allows a contractor to work even when they have not been accepted to the shift, the company will be charged a $15 processing fee in order to process their payment. The company will be responsible for insurance coverage should the worker be injured on the shift.
  • If a contractor shows up for a shift they have not been accepted to, and the contractor works anyway, Bacon will withhold $15 from the contractor earnings for processing fees. If this occurs more than one time, the company will be charged $50 per worker and will be responsible for insurance coverage, should the worker be injured on the shift.
  • If the contractor cannot be found on the platform and added to the shift, the company must turn the worker away.

Please contact your client success manager if you have any questions. If you do not know who your client success manager is, please contact and they will get in touch with you!

Why Is It Important To Post In Advance? 

Here at Bacon, we know that it can be difficult to predict your labor needs. But if you have the chance, posting 4 to 7 days in advance offers a number of benefits! 

  1. Posting in advance attracts 4-5 star workers. It is no surprise that our best workers plan ahead! They are quick to plan out their schedules, so if your business posts only a day or two before the shift, our best workers might already be accepted to other shifts, potentially causing you to miss out on great workers. 
  2. It can help your fill rate. Giving workers more time to see your shift allows them to plan accordingly and be available on the date and time that you need.
  3. You will have more control over who is working your shifts. Posting in advance allows you to review worker profiles and applications, which allows you to make sure the workers are the right fit for the job! Remember, you can reject a worker with no late cancellation fees up 12 hours before the start time of your shift. 

Not Satisfied With Your Fill Rate? 

There are a number of reasons why your fill rate could be lower than you would like. Here are a few questions to consider, if you would like to increase your fill rate: 

  1. Are you paying a competitive hourly rate? 
  2. Are your shift details benefiting you or hurting you?
  3. Are you posting far enough in advance? 
  4. How can you appeal more to the worker base? 

Feel free to contact your Client Success Manager to discuss these matters in greater detail! They can help you to create a game plan that will help your business become even more successful.

What is Quick Pay? 

Quick Pay is the fastest and easiest way for you to pay a worker for a shift that has already been completed. For example, let's say that a worker named John worked a shift for your company on Wednesday, but he is not showing as paid or is not listed on the shift.

To resolve this issue, simply dial into Quick Pay and select the shift that John worked. Search for his name, add his hours, and hit submit! As always, if you have any questions about Quick Pay, please contact your CSM. 

**If you are unable to find the worker on your list, please contact support at with the worker's name, phone number, email (if possible), date of the shift, and hours worked. They will be able to pay the worker for you should you run into any issues!**

Shift Cancellation Policy Reminder

When is the Cancellation Policy enforced? 

  1. If the client cancels a shift within twelve hours of the shift’s start time
  2. If the client removes an approved worker within twelve hours of the shift’s start time
  3. If the client turns away an accepted worker on the job site that is dressed appropriately and meets the requirements of the shift

The penalty to violating these policies is a fee equal to 25% of the shift’s posted amount or $30.00 (whichever is greater).

We understand that accidents and emergencies happen, so it can be difficult to maintain these standards. If you need to cancel a shift, remove an approved worker, or send a worker away within the 12-hour window, please get your Client Success Manager involved so they can try to help you avoid any fees or consequences. 

Paying Out Tips From A Shift

We have an easy way to pay tips to workers who have completed shifts that collect tips. If you provide the shift date, name of shift, worker's name, and tip amount (in a spreadsheet format would be best!), and send their information to your Client Success Manager, they will make sure the workers get their disbursed tip amount.

Quick Tips For Success!

  • Please pay extra attention to how you rate workers. An incorrect or negative rating can have adverse consequences for the worker.
  • Please verify the worker’s time within 24 hours so they can be paid in a timely manner.  Not doing so may result in low worker applicants to your future shifts.

Again, Happy Holidays from all of us at Bacon. We wish you a warm, blessed, and joyful holiday season! 

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