Business Newsletter April 2023

Maintain your preferred company discount and attract great workers.

Happy April! Whether the spring and summer months are your peak seasons, or more of a reprieve for your business, Bacon is thrilled to continue to assist you and your team. Our April newsletter is packed with information to assure that your experience with Bacon continues to be a great one. From how to keep your preferred customer discount, to invoicing and accounting refreshers, to how to create a work environment workers will want to return to, we’ve got you covered!

Preferred Company Discount

We are proud to offer all clients a preferred customer discount of 5% in exchange for providing reliable work for our workers, as well as helping to get our workers paid as quickly as possible. Here is what you need to know to keep you preferred customer discount: 

  • After your shift is complete, verify the worker’s time and rate the worker on their performance within 24 hours of the shift’s end.
  • Do not cancel your shift within 12 hours of the start time.
  • Do not reject or remove any worker within 12 hours of the shift start time - if you need to mark a worker who let you know they could not attend or who “no showed”, please notate this when you rate and verify your workers.

By following each of the steps above, your 40% rate will be discounted to 35%!  

  • Please Note: If for any reason, your preferred discount is lost due to falling outside of these guidelines, you can get your Preferred Company Discount restored through verifying time within 24 hours on your next shift. 

Why should you accept or reject pending workers as soon as possible? 

Accepting or rejecting pending workers in a timely manner can be extremely beneficial. A few of these benefits include: 

  • Better fill rates on your shifts
  • Formation of client/worker trust
  • The ability to find a worker you feel is a better fit for the job
  • Allowing workers who are not a fit for your shift to find another opportunity

Accounting & Invoicing Refreshers

Individuals listed as a company’s accounting contact will receive an email notification when a new invoice is made available. Invoices will continue to be released on the 8th, 15th, 23rd, and last day of the month. If you have a question about your invoices, please reach out to our incredible accounting team at They are extremely knowledgeable and will be able to assist you with any concerns you may have. 

  • Please note: Once your invoices have been paid, it takes 2-3 business days to reflect your payment on your Bacon account.

In an effort to make paying invoices as easy as possible, we offer 3 payment options: ACH transfer, credit card, and mail in check. If you need to change your payment method, you can do this through your Bacon account. See our instructions below!

  • Please note, if you would like to pay an invoice that was generated with your old payment method preference, please reach out to our

How to mark accepted workers who did NOT work the shift

Occasionally, for one reason or another, accepted workers may not attend your shift. If this occurs, do not reject or remove the worker from your shift, as this will result in the worker receiving a late cancellation payment. Instead, mark that “the worker did not work” when you rate and pay your workers. From there, you will be able to indicate whether or not the worker notified you in advance. This will trigger the appropriate repercussion for the worker, and you will not be charged.  

Best Practices 

We want you to have the best possible experience with our platform. Here are a few important points to assure a smooth shift. 

  • We ask that you or a member of your team be located on sight with our worker at all times.
  • Please do not give any items to the workers to keep and bring back for the next shift. Just as you are able to cancel a shift up to 12 hours before the start time with no penalties, our workers can also withdraw from your shift up to 12 hours before your shift start time. Due to these policies, we ask that you collect any items such as cleaning supplies, t-shirts, keys, tools, etc. from your workers at the end of each shift. 

How to attract GREAT workers

While paying a competitive wage is extremely important in attracting good workers, there are a number of ways to attract great workers . Here are a few suggestions to keep your favorite workers coming back: 

  • Share your worker perks in your shift description! Will the workers receive free snacks/lunch or a paid break? Include that in your shift description to let the workers know. 
  • Create a good environment! Our workers have shared that things as simple as playing music in the warehouse or giving them a tour of the facility prior to the shift start can make them want to come back! 
  • Give clear instructions. Like any employee, our workers need to know what you expect from them in order to exceed your expectations. Share when there breaks will be, who they should report to, and any other ground rules the workers need to know. 
  • Treat workers with respect and keep them up to date.

What features would make using Bacon better for you? 

Our team here at Bacon sincerely values your feedback. Have an idea or suggestion to help improve your experience or workflow? Click the link to submit your feedback.

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