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June 14, 2024

On-Demand Staffing Streamlines Event Staffing

On-demand staffing apps pair effectively with the event and catering industries.

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The event industry is an exciting and unique industry to be a part of. But, behind the scene there is a lot of work that takes place with challenges that people often don’t see. One such challenge is finding temporary workers to work and run events. On-demand staffing offers an efficient and flexible solution for event staffing needs. 

The Challenges of Traditional Event Staffing

Low Fill Rates

One of the overall largest pain points for staffing events is the low fill rates. Large scale events fill rate goals are typically around 87%. The average fill rate for traditional temp agencies is only 40%. Traditional staffing agencies are not meeting the industry goals for fill rates. 

Limited control 

When using temporary staffing agencies businesses are able to off-load some of the work to get temporary workers. But, they sacrifice having control over their staff. Temp agencies often require signed contracts. In these, the agency dictates how many workers the business gets, how long the business gets the workers, and what the business has to pay the workers. If businesses need to change any of these factors they must get in contact with a representative before being able to do so.

No Customer Support 

If businesses have problems or need support for their temporary workers, temp agencies offer little to no customer support. If support is offered, it too often is a machine who can’t offer businesses the unique support that is required for event staffing. 

Benefits of On-Demand Staffing for Events

High Fill Rates 

On-demand staffing apps have a significantly higher fill rate than temp agencies. Bacon’s fill rate is an average of 90%. This is possible because on-demand staffing caters to gig workers. Workers are able to see shifts and choose the ones they are interested in working.

Bacon also utilizes backup workers. Backup workers are sent to shifts to make sure businesses have enough people. If workers aren’t needed, the business turns them away and the workers are paid at Bacon’s expense. 

Complete Control and Flexibility 

With on-demand staffing, businesses have complete control over their staffing operations. Businesses using Bacon have control over how many workers, how long the shifts are, and what the workers are paid. 

Temp agencies take weeks to rally large numbers of workers. Bacon gives businesses instant access to thousands, often tens of thousands, of workers.

In the events and catering industry it’s important to have forward-facing employees who can act as the face of the company during the event. So Bacon gives businesses the ability to choose their workers. Every worker's profile has a picture and a rating based on ratings and reviews from other companies on past shifts. 

On-demand staffing also comes with no contracts or subscriptions, making on-demand staffing a great match for the events industry, where labor needs could fluctuate between 0 and 40 workers from day to day. On-demand staffing caters perfectly to each business’ unique staffing needs.

Dedicated Customer Support Manager

When working with people, it’s important to have people to look to for support. Customer support is a must for temporary staffing for events. Event planning and managing is a lot to handle. Managers don’t need to be worried about staffing numbers and fill rates.

Bacon businesses have dedicated customer support managers, who are real people able to give real time support. Because they are real people, they are also able to give in-person support if needed. 

Amusement Exhibit and Event Services 

Amusement Exhibit and Event Services or AE&ES runs their whole operation on Bacon, with 83% of their staff being Bacon workers. After trying 16 other temp agencies and apps, AE&ES was sitting at an average of 23% of workers showing up. 

AE&ES tried Bacon and was able to reach fill rates of 104% while building up their crew of on-demand workers. With the Bacon crew they were able to seamlessly run a large-scale, forward-facing event for the Formula 1 race in Vegas. 

“I guarantee you you are gonna have people show up. Like my fill rate using Bacon is at 104%. That’s huge…You aren’t going to get people who aren’t forward-facing. You get to see their photos and experience. You see how they are rated and what other companies are saying about them. I love that with the Bacon app I can see who applied for shifts, people who are backups, and the entire crew and I can adjust that. Another thing is, we have the ability to be flexible with our shifts, without having to contact a rep. Bacon puts that in our hands. If something happens I know I can call someone. Bacon feels just as much of our team as we are with all our staff.” 
-Steffany Avera AE&ES COO

To see more about how AE&ES streamlined their event staffing process for large events click here

On-demand staffing is a valuable solution for temporary staffing in the events industry. You don’t have to settle for low fill rates, inflexible contracts, and no support. On-demand staffing provides high fill rates with features like choosing workers, directly inviting workers to shifts, and the backup program. It puts you in control of your staffing, giving you flexibility to match your staff to your unique needs. And with dedicated customer support, made of real people, you will feel confident that Bacon has your back.

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