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May 31, 2024

Where to Find Flexible Temporary Staffing in Las Vegas.

Bacon offers flexible temporary staffing to businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bacon Inc

The fluctuating business environment in Las Vegas, including stadiums and large events, creates a need for flexible staffing solutions. 

The Need for Temporary Staffing

Using temporary staffing offers a number of key advantages. These include handling peak periods, special projects, and reducing overall staffing costs. 

Handling Peak Periods

As business fluctuates or when the busy season hits, regular workers often get too much work and feel exhausted. Utilizing temporary staffing can aid in getting work done while keeping regular employees focused and productive.

Special Projects

Businesses in Las Vegas that work in the events industry understand the importance of having a dependable workforce. However, they often struggle to find employees who are willing to work the irregular hours that come with the event industry. Temp staffing assists businesses by supplying temporary workers for events. This helps them fulfill their staffing requirements without having to hire employees on a long-term basis. 

Reduce Overall Staffing Costs

Businesses can save money by hiring temporary workers instead of adding more full-time employees. Temporary staffing allows businesses to try out potential hires before making a permanent decision. This helps ensure that the new employees are a good fit for the company.

By using temporary staff, businesses can assess the skills and work ethic of potential hires. This can help prevent hiring mistakes and save time and resources in the long run. 

Staffing Solutions

Traditional Staffing Agencies 

A common temporary staffing strategy is to partner with a traditional temp agency. The temp agency will find and interview workers who have passed background checks for the open positions at the company.

Traditional staffing agencies are costly. They usually take an average percentage of 50% workers' wages, but it can reach as high as 100%. Traditional Staffing agencies also charge conversion fees when businesses decide to hire a worker full time. On average a company will be charged 25% of whatever the worker will be paid in a year. 

Fill rates for traditional staffing agencies are often very low and can be a cause for concern. Traditional staffing has no accountability for workers built into the system. Workers don’t feel committed or motivated to show up and work hard because there is no consequence for their actions.

Staffing Apps

Staffing Apps, like Bacon, take the positive qualities of traditional staffing agencies and improve on the negative. Staffing agencies can flex up and down with your labor demand and can help you find workers you want to hire. Staffing apps do those same things but better. 

Staffing agencies have high fees, low fill rates and unmotivated workers. Staffing apps improve these things. With no annual fee or contracts, Bacon only charges a set fee of 36% on the workers wages. Bacon also utilizes backups to obtain an average fill rate of above 90%. And Bacon workers are held accountable to show up and work hard. Workers who don’t meet the standard are banned from the platform.. 

Choose the Right Staffing App for Your Business

Assess Your Needs

Identify your business’s specific temporary staffing requirements. You might need temporary workers consistently or might just need them during a rush of orders or for a large-scale event. Bacon puts you in control of your staff–you control how many and when you need workers.

Bacon offers a temp-to-hire option at no extra cost. This allows you to test potential employees before making a permanent hire. You can see if they are a good fit for your company culture.

Key Features to Consider

When looking for a staffing solution there are some key features to look for. Flexibility is a key feature to look for, the ability to match your businesses unique staffing solution to your unique staffing needs will be a game changer. 

A user-friendly interface is also important. Staffing apps should be simple and intuitive, allowing you to optimize your temporary staff. You need the ability to post shifts quickly and easily, Bacon makes that possible with shift templates and the ability to invite workers you like directly back to shifts.

Lastly, an important feature is the support the staffing app provides. Bacon has support teams for workers and for businesses. Businesses who utilize Bacon have a human dedicated specialist to help all unique shift-related needs.     

Worker Quality

Bacon uses a 5-star rating system, so you can be confident in the quality of workers you are getting. Bacon worker profiles show reviews from other businesses the worker has worked shifts for. When using Bacon, businesses can specify certifications or skills workers need. This lets businesses be confident that they are getting quality workers.

Staffing Apps for the Win

In conclusion, staffing apps are the best solution for finding flexible staffing in Las Vegas. Like Traditional staffing agencies, staffing apps allow you to fluctuate your staff based on companies real time needs and allow you to check a worker out before hiring full time. However, staffing apps have lower fees, no contracts, and higher fill rates. Making staffing apps, like Bacon, the best solution for staffing the variability that comes with staffing for events in Las Vegas.

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