On-Demand Staffing
September 27, 2023

Feeding the Entertainment Capital with Bacon

Bacon is the swift, reliable, and flexible staffing solution for Las Vegas catering.

It’s Vegas, baby. Renowned for its lively entertainment scene and unparalleled nightlife, Las Vegas is a booming hub for the catering industry. With a vivid variety of events occurring daily, catering businesses are in perpetual demand both on and off the Strip. The competition is hot, and to stay ahead, more and more caterers are discovering the power of on-demand staffing, from small catering businesses to large-scale catering and event companies. The problem? Traditional temp agencies often fail to meet the unique demands of the catering industry, with slow turnaround times, hiring conversion fees, and the inability to choose qualified workers for shifts. Luckily, Bacon–the ultimate on-demand staffing app–is in Las Vegas and ready for any catering operation, offering the most reliable and flexible staffing solution for a booming industry.

Vegas Caters to Caterers

Endless Events

Las Vegas is a global destination for various gatherings, including conventions, weddings, parties, and corporate events. Each requires catering services to accommodate guests, making the city a fertile ground for catering businesses.

Tourist Magnet

With millions of tourists flocking annually, the demand for organized food services at hotels, casinos, and events is ceaseless, creating lucrative opportunities for caterers.

Diverse Audience

Caterers in Las Vegas serve an international clientele, offering various cuisines and thematic experiences. This diversity attracts even more events, feeding into the cycle of demand.

The Temp-Labor Edge

Variable Demand

The event-based nature of catering means that demand is inconsistent. Some days might be packed with multiple events, while others are quieter. Temporary staff provide the flexibility to adjust to these fluctuations efficiently.

Specialized Skills

Different events require unique sets of skills. Temp workers often possess specific expertise, allowing caterers to select staff who meet the exact requirements of each event.


Hiring full-time employees for fluctuating workloads can be financially draining for caterers. Temporary labor allows for efficient budget allocation, as staff are hired only when needed.

Bacon: Catering’s Ultimate Staffing App

Quick Staffing

The Bacon app enables caterers to find and hire qualified staff swiftly, meeting the fast-paced demands of Las Vegas’s dynamic catering industry.

Quality Workers

With a comprehensive profile and review system, employers can select workers with the right skills and proven reliability.

Flexible Hiring

Whether it's a last-minute staffing crisis or planning for a large-scale event, Bacon provides the flexibility for caterers to hire on an as-needed basis.

Reduced Hassle

The app handles payment and scheduling details, allowing caterers to focus on providing exceptional service rather than managing administrative tasks.


Las Vegas’s vibrant catering industry, while lucrative, presents unique staffing challenges. The Bacon app emerges as a beacon of reliability and efficiency in this environment, providing on-demand access to qualified temporary workers, thereby supporting the city’s bustling catering scene. For catering businesses aiming to thrive in the Entertainment Capital of the World, embracing innovative solutions like Bacon is not just beneficial—it's essential.

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