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July 7, 2022

Five Reasons You Should Join The Hospitality Industry Today

The hospitality industry offers a wide range of job types... and they are here to stay.

Dave Pelisson

Five things to know about the hospitality industry

1.) The hospitality industry is one of the most stable industries.

According to the World Tourism Council, by the year 2029, the travel and leisure industry will make up 11.5% of the world’s gross domestic product and employ over 420 million people. Since COVID- 19, the hospitality industry is experiencing massive growth and isn’t expected to slow down. 

2.) Hospitality work is not likely to be automated.

In a world where new technology is invented every day to automate jobs and cut costs, it’s not likely that the hospitality industry will be severely affected. Hospitality is founded on human interaction and values soft skills such as communication, interpersonal awareness, and collaboration. This provides another layer to the job security of hospitality. 

3.) Hospitality experience makes you more employable.

Employers are often looking for the soft skills listed above when looking for new talent. Tasks and job duties can typically be taught, but working with the public or team members often can not. Employers know that the hospitality industry requires flexibility and trainability which are very appealing qualities to have.

4.) Hospitality is the gateway to the world.

Would you like to experience the world right here where you live? The hospitality industry provides tremendous opportunities to meet people from all over the world while making a living. You could have the opportunity to talk with all kinds of people with all different backgrounds. Hospitality is truly the melting pot of cultures.

5.) The rise of gig work makes it easier than ever to find hospitality jobs.

Because so much of the hospitality industry is event-based, more and more companies are turning to gig work platforms in order to fill their hospitality positions. Such gig work platforms allow these companies to tap into a more flexible workforce than ever before. This change of approach when it comes to hospitality staffing means that the barrier to entry for hospitality jobs is now thinner than ever. See more about how the gig economy is taking over other industries.


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