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July 8, 2024

On-Demand Staffing Apps for Flexible Warehouse Staffing

Leveraging on-demand staffing apps gives warehouse staffing a new kind of flexibility.

Bacon Inc

Staffing warehouses is a challenge. Finding quality temporary staff is extra difficult. Finding reliable temporary staff that actually shows up feels near impossible. Let’s rephrase that. Finding reliable temporary staffing that shows up is near impossible when using a traditional temporary staffing agency. 

How On-Demand Staffing Works

Traditional temp agencies make the temporary staffing process simple but offer little flexibility and no control. On-Demand staffing apps give full control and flexibility while still keeping the process simple. With on-demand staffing, the process is as easy as post, pick, pay.

Using the on-demand platform, post the shifts you need filled, choose how many workers you need, and when you need them. Then the shift is pushed onto the platform where qualified workers apply to work. You pick the workers you want based on ratings and reviews from other businesses. After the shift is worked, you rate and pay the workers all on the platform.  

Benefits of On-Demand Staffing for Warehouses

On-demand staffing works great for warehouse staffing. Some key features of on-demand staffing that make it work for warehouses are the control, the flexibility, and the high fill rates. 

On-demand staffing apps like Bacon give warehouses complete control over temporary staffing. Traditional temp agencies usually require a minimum number of workers who work for a minimum amount of time. But with on-demand staffing, warehouses have control over the quantity of workers and when they need them.  Bacon has features that let businesses choose the worker quantity, when the shifts are needed, and the worker pay. 

Because of the increased control, warehouses have the flexibility to fit their temporary staffing exactly to their needs. On-demand staffing works for warehouses needing consistent help, meeting seasonal demands, and for abnormally increased demand.

Across the board, on-demand staffing has much higher fill rates at much quicker times than temp agencies. The average time to fill a shift for a traditional temp agency is 14 days with a 40% fill rate. Bacon's overall average fill rate is 90%, and because on-demand staffing is on-demand, warehouses can have workers the next day. 

90% fill rates are achieved because the workers choose the shifts they want to work. The workers know they will be rated after and want to show up and earn a good rating.

Implementing On-Demand Staffing

Bacon has no subscriptions or contracts, so trying it out has no commitment. Bacon also has a team of dedicated reps to provide in-person customer support. With a dedicated rep and no contract, trying an on-demand staffing app comes with little risk. Try Bacon with zero risk today.

dōTERRA implemented on-demand staffing in small steps to achieve 97% fill rates in over 9,000 shifts worked. 

"With Bacon we got immediate staffing and support overnight or within 48 hours, which was a huge win that we just weren't getting from other staff agencies."
-MARK WILKINSON Director Global Logistics & Strategy at doTERRA

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