On-Demand Staffing
June 12, 2024

What is On-Demand Staffing?

On-demand staffing means having access and control over your temporary staffing.

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Understanding On-Demand Staffing

In the world of entertainment we are familiar with the phrase “on-demand.” We get on-demand access to music, movies, and books. But what does on-demand actually mean and how can it be used in temporary staffing? 

As all extreme intellectuals should, let’s start with the dictionary definition of “on-demand. The Cambridge dictionary defines it as a phrase meaning “at any time that someone wants or needs something.” Put simply, on-demand means to always be available. In the world of temporary staffing and temp agencies this is new territory. On-Demand staffing is a new solution for businesses seeking flexible and efficient staffing. 

Benefits of On-Demand Staffing 

Typical temporary agencies do not work on an on-demand basis. Temp agencies require businesses to sign contracts for how many and how long they need the temporary workers. With on-demand staffing, the schedule is completely in your hands. You choose when you need workers and how many you want. 

With on-demand staffing you get flexibility in schedule, quantity, and pay. By allowing you to decide how many you need and what you pay your workers, on-demand staffing fits any staffing strategy.

On-demand staffing also gives you flexibility to meet the specific needs of your specific industry. And can work to fill shifts in warehouses, catering, commercial cleaning, events or general labor. 

Fill rates for on-demand staffing are higher than the average temp agency fill rate. On-demand staffing app Bacon utilizes backup workers to reach fill rates of over 90%.

With ratings and reviews on every worker's profile, Bacon allows businesses to choose their workers. And with the favorite list feature, businesses can build a roster of trusted workers and invite them directly to future shifts. 

Workers who work for on-demand staffing or gig work apps are there by choice. Bacon workers choose the shifts they apply for so they are committed to showing up and working hard.

How to Implement On-Demand Staffing in Your Business

Because on-demand staffing apps, like Bacon, are user-friendly and don’t require subscriptions, trying them out is simple and risk free. You can start small, with just a few workers when you need them, and grow your workforce from there. Amusement, Exhibit & Event Services, AE&ES for short, used Bacon on-demand labor to staff an event with the Formula 1 race in Las Vegas.

“Once you do the first month worth of shifts and events, even just in our warehouse, those people are now leading jobs as supervisors. And it’s grown into that. So I knew coming into F1 that we’d be fine.” -Steffany Avera AE&ES COO

With on-demand staffing, businesses get the control they need with the flexibility and ease of use they want. Take control of your staffing and consider on-demand staffing as a viable solution for your workforce needs.

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