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June 8, 2023

A Comparative Study in Staffing Efficiency

Bacon outshines traditional temp agencies with faster, flexible, transparent, and engaging staffing.

Bacon Inc

The new gig economy is here to stay, and so are innovative staffing solutions that challenge traditional temporary labor solutions. Platforms like the Bacon app offer a more streamlined, efficient alternative to conventional temp agencies. In this comparative study of Bacon versus traditional temp agencies, we’ll highlight key differences such as speed, flexibility, transparency, and worker engagement, to demonstrate the superior performance of Bacon for both gig workers and businesses. 

Speed of Staffing: The Power of Technology

Traditional temp agencies, while useful, often involve time-consuming processes, such as paperwork, background checks, and contract negotiation. Bacon, on the other hand, leverages technology to streamline these processes. Businesses can post jobs directly on the app, and workers can apply with a simple tap, dramatically reducing the time taken to fill positions.

Flexibility: Catering to Modern Work Trends

Conventional temp agencies generally operate on fixed schedules, which can be restrictive for both businesses and workers. Bacon embraces the trend of flexible work, allowing businesses to post jobs as and when they need to, and giving workers the freedom to choose shifts that suit their schedule, providing a win-win situation for both parties. 

Transparency: Boosting Trust and Engagement

A common complaint with traditional temp agencies is the lack of transparency, with workers often feeling out of the loop regarding job details and payment terms. With the Bacon app, businesses clearly list job details, requirements, and pay, and workers can view and accept these terms upfront, promoting trust and engagement.

Worker Engagement: Creating a Sense of Community

While temp agencies often maintain a professional, detached relationship with their workers, Bacon fosters a sense of community among its users. With features like ratings and reviews, the app encourages open communication between businesses and workers, leading to improved performance and job satisfaction.


In a rapidly evolving workforce landscape, traditional temp agencies face stiff competition from innovative platforms like Bacon. By offering speed, flexibility, transparency, and a sense of community, Bacon stands out as a modern, efficient solution for temporary staffing needs, providing a compelling alternative to conventional methods.

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