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With shifts available everyday, there is always time to work with Bacon. Whether you only have three hours to work or you have an entire day, there is a shift for you.


Bacon gives you work when you’re between jobs, saving for a trip, or just want to try something new. Whatever opportunity you might pursue, hustle your way there with Bacon.


Finding shifts on Bacon is quick, simple, and effective. We strive to make every shift a seamless experience--from finding the shift itself to getting paid.

we all have a reason to hustle


Making money is not everyone's priority. There are times in life when we all crave a little more purpose--or maybe just a chance try something new and get paid to do it.


No matter your past work experience or industry knowledge, Bacon offers shifts that anyone can succeed at. We even have a "Level-Up" program that allows you to receive benefits in exchange for your hard work.


Bacon allows everyone in any stage of life to find flexible work. Saving up for a family vacation? Work some Bacon shifts. Don't have the time for a 9-5, but want to help out? The answer is the same: Work some Bacon shifts.



Simply browse through the list of shifts near you. When you find a shift that fits your schedule, select the shift to work! You can work as few or as many shifts as you want.


Show up to your scheduled shift and work!


After completing your shift, you will automatically be paid through the Bacon app within 72 hours. Once payment hits your profile, transfer funds to your bank and work more shifts!


start hustlin'


How do I get started?

Simply click the on this page to get started with the on-boarding process. You can also head to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) to download the app.

How much can I earn by working shifts?

There is no limit to how many shifts you can work on the Bacon app! Which also means that there is no limit to how much you can earn. Bacon does not set the hourly wage for shifts--the companies that post shifts on Bacon decide on the hourly wage. Aside from shift wages, you can earn additional cash by referring friends to the app or participating in our Level-Up program!

Do I work for Bacon?

No. Bacon is a gig-work app, similar to Uber or Door Dash. Because of this, you are considered an independent contractor, a 1099 worker.

Can anyone work shifts on Bacon?

Yes! As long as you are over the age of 18 and pass a basic background check, then you are qualified to apply for shifts on the Bacon app.

What kind of shifts are on Bacon?

Bacon strives to partner with companies in a variety of different industries. While most shifts involve warehouse/logistics labor, there are also shifts in retail, hospitality, and transportation. Keep checking the Bacon app to discover new shifts and opportunities!

Where is Bacon available?

  • Utah (Utah, Salt Lake, and Weber Counties)
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Elkhart County, Indiana

How do I get paid?

Upon signing up on the app, you will add your bank account info. Once you complete a shift and the company verifies your hours, the payment process begins. Payment automatically shows up in your account within 2-3 days.

Still have more questions? Visit our knowledge base or website for additional resources.


It's the Bacon way!