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January 2023
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Worker Newsletter — January 2023

Happy New Year, and welcome back to the Hustle — Bacon’s quarterly newsletter made for workers!

Happy New Year & Welcome to The Hustle!

In this quarter's edition of The Hustle, you’ll meet our team members, find out about new features, get answers to common questions, and find out how to win cool prizes! 

Coming Up Next…

We will soon have explanations and tutorials on how to use all of our new features in the coming weeks so look out for those on Bacon's Knowledge Base.

Culture Corner 

There is no better time to reevaluate how we approach work than at the beginning of a new year! In keeping with the theme, this Culture Corner will be focused on how to improve your experiences while working for Bacon.

We know how important a first impression is here at Bacon and want to make sure you have all the information and advice you need to make your first impression legendary!

For most of you who use Bacon to find work, we aren’t the end of the line. Many of our workers go on to find full time employment with companies that they found through the application, making first impressions all the more important!

We believe at Bacon that hustle and hard work will always leave the right impression, regardless of the task at hand. If you’re willing to show up on time, work hard, and come prepared, you’ll never fail to make the right impression.

You can make sure you’re always prepared for your shifts by reading the shift description carefully and making sure you reach out to your supervisor if you have any questions before, during, or after your shift! 

Support FAQ’s

This month’s most frequently asked question is about payment issues. We know that nobody works harder for their money than Bacon workers! It can be frustrating when you don’t see a payment in your account right away. Here are some tips and reminders about delayed payments! 

  1. First and foremost, please make sure that your payment information is up-to-date in Everee. If you no longer have access to a bank account, make sure that you delete it from Everee so it isn’t automatically sent to the incorrect bank account. If you haven’t set up an account through Everee, we are unable to process your payments. Again, make sure to create your account right away and keep it up to date!
  2. Payments are not verified by Bacon, but by the employers themselves. Employers are given 48 hours after the shift ends to verify hours before they are fined. Almost all employers on the Bacon app are able to verify within 24 hours, but this is rarely true for large shifts (shifts with more than 20 Bacon contractors) so please be patient during the verification process for large shifts! 
  3. If it has been more than 48 hours after your shift was completed, please don't hesitate to reach out to When you message us, please make sure that you include the following details in your email: (1) your full name as it appears on your Bacon account, (2) your email address, (3) the date of the shift you worked, (4) who you worked for, (5) the number of hours you worked, and (6) the name of the supervisor, if you know their name. Once we have this information we can go about getting the shift verified and making sure that you get paid out as soon as possible! 
  4. Sometimes your payment is delayed because you were incorrectly marked for the shift you worked. In order to fix this, we have to get verification from the employer that you worked that shift, and confirm how many hours you worked for. Sometimes this process can take longer than normal, though it can be avoided by always signing in when you arrive at a shift, communicating with your supervisor, and leaving at the appropriate time. 

If you have a different question, feel free to check out our Knowledge Base to find a variety of articles that may help you!

Bacon Giveaway Update! 

We want to congratulate Brandon Van Brunt, Maria Carrillo, and Wilson Marshall on winning our last giveaway!

Be sure to check out our next newsletter for future Spring/Summer promotions.

Meet Your Team

This quarter’s team member: Brett Bodily! 

What is your name? 

  • I’m Brett Bodily, and I’m a Senior Support Trainer, so I help manage the whole support team and try to make the support process run smoothly. 

What is your favorite trip you’ve taken?

  • Me and my wife recently visited New Orleans and the combination of good food and good jazz made it incredibly memorable. 

Where do you live?

  • I live in Springville, Utah.

What is your favorite food?

  • My father lived in England for a few years when he was young and so i’ve grown up loving anything with meat and potatoes in it, pies, stews, you name it! 

How long have you been with Bacon?

  • I’ve been working at Bacon for over a year and a half! 

What is it that drew you to Bacon?

  • I actually started working through the application before I started working in customer support, and what drew me to the app was the fact that I didn’t have to lock myself into a job right away. I needed money right away but didn’t want to end up working somewhere I didn’t like just because I needed money.

What does 'Hustle' mean to you?

  • I think that hard work needs to be recognized because I’ve see so many people who didn’t get the opportunities they deserved despite their hard work. There are so many people who won’t hustle for their team and yet those who will get cast aside all too often. I think that Bacon gives everyone the chance to prove to themselves and to others that they can be relied upon and that hard work really does pay off. 

What do you want the workers to know?

  • I want the workers to know that we get it on support, we know how frustrating it can be to have a delayed payment, or to be marked incorrectly and not be given what you deserve. Some of us came from working as a contractor on the application so we 100% understand and we really do try our best to get things done in a timely manner. 

Where Is Bacon? 

We are constantly expanding, so check back each newsletter to see which new states we are in!

How are we doing? 

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