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August 2022
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Worker Newsletter August 2022

This month we've included information on our new features, team members, answers to common questions, and information on how to win cool prizes!

Welcome to the Hustle!  

Bacon Giveaway

We want to congratulate Kevin Jaskolka, Joan Crooks, Zelia Hall, Kynthia McGee and Damiko Lawson for winning our latest giveaway!

For our next giveaway, we've decided to raise the stakes. You'll want to pay attention to this one!

During the month of August, our team will randomly select 3 winners who leave ratings on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store to win free gas money!

To enter, simply log in to the App Store and leave Bacon a review during the month of August.

Next, you'll need to send a screenshot of your review to

After that, you will automatically be entered into our giveaway to win a $25 or $50 gas card. Good luck!

*Please note: This giveaway is in no way associated with the App Store or Google Play Store. Each winner will receive a $25 - $50 gas card.

Coming Up Next

This month we’ve put a lot of work into making sure that Bacon workers are being seen and heard! We are excited to announce that since Bacon's latest update, workers now have a new way to communicate with their employers one on one.

This new feature will allow you as a contractor to discuss concerns, problems, and/or comments directly with the employers you work for. We’ve also made it mandatory for companies to put a written review on any 1 or 2 star reviews so that workers know exactly why that rating was given.

We will soon have detailed tutorials available to explain all of our new features, so look out for those updates on our knowledge base website!

Culture Corner

We know how important it is to make a legendary first impression here at Bacon. As such, we want to make sure that you have all the information and advice you need to be successful when working new shifts on the Bacon app!

For people who use Bacon, working temporary positions is not typically the "end goal" when it comes to planning their careers. Many of our workers go into jobs hoping to find part or full time positions with companies they like working for.

The great news is that Bacon workers are able to find full time employment with companies they found through our app all the time... making first impressions all the more important!  

Here at Bacon we believe that hustle, hard work, and a little elbow grease will always leave a great first impression. If you’re willing to show up on time, work hard, and come prepared, you’ll never fail to make an impression on your employers!

You can make sure you’re always prepared for your shifts by reading the shift description carefully and making sure you reach out to your supervisor if you have any questions before, during, or after your shift! 

Support FAQ's

If we had to choose we've received more than any other this month, it would be the following: 

"Why am I not seeing any shifts in my area?" 

In order to make sure you’re seeing all the shifts in your area (and figure out why you may not be seeing certain shifts near you!), try the following three things:

1. Adjust your filters

Sometimes applying too many filters will hide shifts in your area that you may want to see. To avoid this issue, make sure you don’t have too many filters applied on the app. You can also try clearing your filters completely to see what shifts are available!

2. Understand that some shifts will only be shown to a few chosen workers

At times, your friends will have shifts that pull up on their phones but won’t show up on yours. This could be because of several different reasons, but the most common reason is that a company may have removed you from their list of workers who can see their posts. Because companies can choose to send shifts to certain lists of workers rather than the general public, you may not be seeing the same shifts as other people. 

3. Apply early

There is always a risk that if you don't apply early for shifts, all the shifts near you may get filled by other workers. We know that this can be frustrating, so Bacon has been making a concerted effort to bring on new companies each month. We want to give workers more shifts to choose from! There are new companies posting shifts every day, so continue to check back to see if you can snatch a shift before it disappears. 

For a more detailed article answering this same question visit our official FAQ page here.

If you have a different question, check out our knowledge base of articles that can help you!

Meet Your Team

Click on the video below to hear from Lisa, one of our dedicated Worker Success Managers!

Where is Bacon?

We are constantly expanding our markets, so check back each newsletter to see what new states we are in!

How are we doing? 

Let us know how you think we are doing here at Bacon by filling out this form! We would love to hear your feedback!

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