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September 2022
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Business Newsletter September 2022

In this newsletter, we talk about Bacon's new in-app messaging feature and some of the other new features we've rolled out for businesses!

The Bacon App is Now Equipped with In-App Messaging

At Bacon, we value your privacy. We know that sharing your phone number when creating shifts creates excess communication for you and your team.

That is why we are excited to begin rolling out our in-app messaging system! This will allow your shift manager to have 1 on 1 conversations with workers, without having to share personal or business phone numbers. If you are interested in enabling this feature for your organization, please contact your Client Success Manager.

Entering in Hours for Workers

Some of you may have noticed that you can now enter in hours and minutes for your shift when verifying a worker's hours. You can still enter in decimal times (for example, inputting hours as 4.53 ). If you input hours using decimals using this format in the HOURS section, it will automatically convert to the correct minutes and hours. We also present options to pay workers for the hours posted or for the hours they have checked in and checked out. We want to make this as fast and efficient for you as possible.

Shift Reviews for Workers

Every shift now has a survey for workers so they can report how the shift went!  The workers can answer 3 questions about their experience to provide feedback on their experience with your company. This will help us understand the environment they are working in and if there are issues we can bring them to our clients attention in order to make changes where needed.

Individual Worker Verification

All workers on a shift are now able to be rated and verified separately. This means that instead of being required to verify all workers at the same time, you can now verify workers as you hear back from your shift leads regarding hours they worked. Not only does this get more workers paid in a timely manner –- and help you keep your preferred client 5% discount -– but it also prevents you from feeling rushed to submit all ratings and pay your workers, especially when you are unsure about some of the workers on your shift. 

Multi-Company Profiles

We are excited to share that users associated with multiple company accounts can now access each account with the same login information! Reach out to your Client Success Manager to learn how.

Comments on Performance

When a worker performs poorly while working one of your shifts, we want to know why. In an effort to further increase quality control of our workers, our customers are now required to leave comments on Bacon workers that are marked as 1-2 star ratings. 

Required Experience Banner on Shifts

When posting shifts, many of our customers require specific experience for the job. In order to help connect you with the right workers, there is now an experience needed tag on job posts. In order to view these posts, workers will have to have completed a corresponding knowledge/skills test with a satisfactory score. 

Have questions about any of our new features and how to start using them? Reach out to your Client Success Manager today to learn more!

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