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Business Newsletter: May 2022

The latest and greatest additions to the Bacon platform in May 2022!

Product and Features


In an effort to streamline your experience, we have added the Workforce feature! This function allows you to view all workers that have worked shifts with your organization! You can see their level, rating, number of shifts worked, and when they are scheduled to work again. You can save the worker to your favorites or block them, as well as view their payment history and mark a worker if you have hired them full-time, check it out!

New Invoice Page

No more wondering if you have paid an invoice or not. You can now view all paid and unpaid invoices on our new invoice page. With this new page you’ll be able to see all the information you need, including when the invoice was issued, the due date, the amount owed per invoice. You can also download, and pay the invoice right from this new page. 

Shift Contact

We know it can be frustrating to field calls and texts from contractors. So now your direct contact information will no longer be visible on the shift post until 48 hours before the shift starts. 


Monthly Tips for Success

Backup Workers

To prevent a staffing gap from no shows we allow “backup” workers to apply to your shifts. You can turn this function off in each shift setting! It is important to properly select that you turned them away, or add hours worked when verifying hours. Backup workers MUST show up to the shift to be paid their backup fee. See how to verify hours for backups or turn them away:

Sign in Sheet

Did you know that to better track your workers you can print sign in logs before any shift starts? It's a great tool to help stay organized, and avoid any discrepancies! Just click “View” on your shift post, and you can select “Print Sign-In Sheet.” 

Injury on the Shift

When a Bacon worker has been injured on the job, treat it similar to how you treat an injury with any employee. Fill out an incident report, collect the worker's name and info, and send that information to your client success manager or to clientsupport@baconinc.com. If the worker requires medical attention send them to the nearest clinic or hospital for treatment, and we will take care of the rest. 

Here We Grow Again

We have expanded again into new areas, including Georgia and Minnesota! For a full list of areas we serve, visit baconwork.com.

Are your Bacon Contacts Up to Date?

Here at Bacon, it is our priority to ensure proper training and communication are implemented in our relationship with your organization. If your internal staff has changed, or you have added members to your team that assists with Bacon, please share their phone number and email with your Customer Success Manager.

As always, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact clientsupport@baconinc.com with any questions.

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