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Business Newsletter: June 2022

We listen to you! Here are the latest and greatest additions to the Bacon platform.

Product and Features

We listen to you! Here are the latest and greatest additions to the Bacon platform.

Invited Workers

You can now remove invited workers from a shift. Did you invite a worker by accident? Are they not responding to your invite and you want to free up the invite to another worker, and you want to remove them from your invite? You are now able to do this, watch the video clip to learn more.

To increase shift visibility on invite-only shifts, workers that haven’t worked for 60 days are now automatically removed from the invite list to free up space to invite current workers.

Long Term Shifts

We know that consistent workers signing up for shifts helps with your business processes, that's why we have launched an option to make your shifts, long-term shifts. This requires workers to commit to signing up for, and working, up to 7 days in a row. You will see the toggle to turn on the long-term shift function prior to finalizing your shift post. If you need further assistance with this, you can reach out to your Client Success Manager.

Monthly Tips for Success

Worker Protection

When posting a shift it’s imperative to make sure that all workers that are working are added to your shift on Bacon! When workers come and work a shift without being added to the shift, they are not covered under our Workers Compensation plan. It is essential to add them immediately if you see they are not on your list. Please contact your Client Success Manager if you need help adding a worker prior to the start of your shift.

Cancellation Policy

With our recent cancellation policy changes, the following instances are grounds for the following fees:

  • Client cancels a shift within twelve hours of the shift’s start time
  • Client removes an approved worker within twelve hours of the shift’s start time
  • Client turns away accepted, non-backup workers at the job site

By canceling this shift you agree to pay each scheduled worker twenty-five percent (25%) of the shift’s posted wages or $30.00, whichever is greater, to compensate for their lost time and earnings. Standard Bacon fees will apply to all fees.Please note, is it ok to turn away a worker without pay or penalty:

  • If a worker is late
  • If a worker arrives in unacceptable attire
  • If a worker does not meet the requirements specified on the job

Is your organization expanding?

We can help with that! Connect with your Client Success Manager to learn how they can support you with your need for more workers!

NPS Surveys

So you have noticed Bacon surveys in your inbox? Here's why they are important to us! One of the best ways to grow our business is to make sure our customers are happy. With your honest feedback we can figure out what needs improvement, and maintain high standards. Bacon thrives on user experience feedback to gauge overall success by measuring how loyal our customers are! We want to ensure you, and your referrals are heard and happy! They are short and won't take much of your time, and it is much appreciated when they are submitted. Thank you in advance!

We Are Always Growing!

For a full list of areas we serve, visit www.baconwork.com.

Are your Bacon Contacts Up to Date?

Here at Bacon, it is our priority to ensure proper training and communication are implemented in our relationship with your organization. If your internal staff has changed, or you have added members to your team that assist with Bacon, please share their name, phone number, and email with your Client Success Manager.

Have suggestions on how we can do better? Let us know!

As always, reach out to your Client Success Manager or contact clientsupport@baconinc.com with any questions.  

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