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May 28, 2024

Staffing Apps Vs Staffing Agencies

Why Apps are the Future of Businesses Flexible Staffing

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In the changing landscape of businesses staffing solutions, staffing agencies have been a consistent solution used by many. But as former Forbes Council member Ben Zimmerman explained, “The most dangerous phrase in business is “we’ve always done it that way.”” Staffing apps have transformed how companies conduct temporary staffing. While traditional staffing agencies have been around longer, staffing apps offer advantages that make them the superior choice for businesses looking for a flexible staffing solution.

Understanding Temp Agencies

Staffing agencies, otherwise known as temp agencies, provide businesses with short-term workers. These types of agencies have existed for many years. They vet a pool of candidates for various roles. Many consider them the tried and true strategy for temporary staffing. 

However, using a staffing agency can be a time-consuming process and oftentimes have drawbacks. Fill rates of only 50% are common. Fees for temporary workers can be up to 75% of their wages. The cost of hiring workers full-time can cost thousands. Staffing agencies often have limited flexibility, making it difficult for businesses to adjust their staffing numbers quickly to meet their needs. 

In Come Staffing Apps

Staffing apps like Bacon offer on-demand staffing and access to a diverse pool of workers. They are quick and flexible in design, with features that allow businesses to choose what days, times, and the amount of workers Bacon puts business in control.

Advantages of Staffing Apps over Staffing Agencies

Staffing apps are faster and more efficient. Bacon offers a rating system to promote accountability and backup workers that put the average fill rate over 90%. With Bacon there is no wait time, shifts fill as fast as 5 minutes

When looking at cost-effectiveness staffing apps beats staffing agencies. Staffing agencies can be expensive because they charge fees for hiring full-time workers and adjusting call numbers. In some cases, the fees can be as high as 75%. Bacon doesn’t charge fees for hiring full time or adjusting call numbers up to 24 hours before the shift. Bacon also only charges a 35% fee on the worker's wages. 

Most noticeably, staffing apps are much more flexible than staffing agencies. With on-demand apps businesses can quickly ramp their workforce up or down based on real-time needs. Bacon has no subscriptions or contracts, businesses just post when they need workers based on their schedule.

Stefanny Avera, Amusement, Exhibit & Event Services Chief Operating Officer, explains “We have the ability to be flexible with Bacon Shifts. With other companies, I don't have the ability to adjust my call number without contacting a rep. Bacon puts that in our hands, and we’re able to legitimately just take it up or down how we need.”


While staffing agencies have been the industry standard for some time, without innovation, traditional staffing strategies will not help businesses reach their maximum potential. Staffing apps provide businesses with access to more workers, lower costs, and increased flexibility in meeting their staffing needs – making staffing apps the superior choice for businesses who are looking to innovate and optimize their staffing strategies.

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