On-Demand Staffing
April 3, 2023

Revolutionizing Catering Services: On-Demand Temp Labor, Catered to Your Needs

The benefits of using on-demand temp labor apps like Bacon to level-up your catering business.

Bacon Inc

The catering business is fast-paced, demanding, and requires flexibility to meet the needs of diverse clients. Hiring the right staff can be a challenging process, especially when it comes to temporary labor. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using on-demand temp labor apps like Bacon, versus traditional in-house staffing methods for catering services. Discover how Bacon can transform the way you manage your catering workforce, save you time, and ensure a stress-free experience.

Effortless and User-Friendly

Bacon has streamlined the process of hiring temporary staff by cutting out the complexities of conventional temp agencies. With an easy-to-use interface, you can quickly request qualified catering staff in your area, review their profiles, and choose the perfect candidates for your event. This simplicity allows you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional catering services to your clients.

Fast and Efficient Staffing

When it comes to catering, time is of the essence. Bacon understands the importance of quick staffing solutions, ensuring you can find the right workers without the delays associated with traditional temp agencies. There's no need to waste time on contracts or lengthy negotiations. Instead, Bacon provides an efficient tech solution to meet the unique demands of temporary staffing in the catering industry.

Complete Control and Customization

Bacon gives you full control over every aspect of the job, from setting the pay rate to specifying job requirements. You can choose the workers you want, tailoring your team to suit your needs. With access to experienced food handlers, bartenders, and servers, you can create the perfect staff lineup for your event.

Build Your Dream Team

As you continue to use Bacon for your temporary staffing needs, you can develop a roster of preferred workers for future events. The Bacon app allows you to invite workers you like back to work more shifts, which means increased productivity and decreased training time. By identifying reliable and talented individuals, you can ensure a consistently high level of service for your clients. And if you decide to offer a full-time position to a temporary worker, Bacon charges no hiring fees–a win-win situation for both you and your new team member.

Transparency and Trust

The success of your catering event depends on the quality of your staff. Bacon provides detailed worker profiles, complete with profile pictures, past job experience, performance ratings, and reviews. This transparency allows you to make informed decisions when selecting your team, giving you peace of mind and ensuring a smooth event.

Stress-Free Catering Staffing

Managing a catering event can be stressful, but Bacon alleviates some of the pressure by helping you choose the right workers for your event from Bacon’s ready local workforce. Bacon allows you to meet the demands of a fast-paced industry in real time without the delays of using a temp agency. Set your shift, pick your hourly wage, and choose your workers. Bacon helps you to quickly and confidently assemble your team, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your event. 

In today's fast-paced catering industry, having access to a flexible and efficient temporary workforce is crucial. On-demand temp labor apps like Bacon offer a modern solution to staffing challenges, providing an innovative alternative to in-house hiring methods. By harnessing the power of technology, Bacon can help you save time, reduce stress, and build the perfect team for your catering event. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your staffing process – try Bacon today and experience the future of catering staffing.

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