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June 15, 2023

Turn Up the Heat on Summer Catering with the Bacon App

Bacon App empowers catering companies with flexible, on-demand staffing for the busy summer season.

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Summer is in full swing, and that means an exciting influx of opportunities for catering businesses, from graduation and commencement celebrations to corporate outings, weddings, and public events of various sizes. With such a bustling period on the horizon, it’s natural for catering companies to feel uneasy about finding enough qualified staff to meet demand. Bacon is here to help. 

Streamlining Staffing for the Summer Season

The summer catering season is nothing short of a whirlwind. Companies are treating their employees to outdoor gatherings, families are celebrating graduations, and of course–wedding season. Amidst all this, the most daunting challenge that many catering businesses face is ensuring that they have enough staff to cover the increasing number of events.

Enter the Bacon app. Designed as a seamless, flexible platform that connects businesses with eager, qualified local workers, Bacon provides the staffing boost that catering companies need to comfortably handle their summer event volume with confidence. 

Catering to a Variety of Events

Graduation parties, corporate picnics, weddings, and public events all require a different set of skills and expertise from catering staff. With Bacon, catering companies can post specific job details and requirements for each event, ensuring that they attract workers who are up to the task. Whether it's serving at a grad family celebration or managing food stations at a corporate outing, businesses can find the right people for the job. 

A Solution to Last-Minute Staffing

With the nature of the catering business, last-minute events are all too common. Such last-minute needs can create significant staffing challenges for traditional temp agencies, but not for Bacon. The app's on-demand nature allows businesses to quickly scale up their staff, even at the eleventh hour.

Tackling the Staffing Challenge Head-On

Staffing has always been a hurdle in the catering industry, especially during peak seasons. The Bacon app addresses this issue directly by providing a large pool of workers ready to jump in whenever they're needed. Unlike traditional temp agencies that may struggle to fill positions, especially during peak seasons, Bacon has an average fill rate of over 90%, enabling catering companies to never turn away business due to staffing shortages.

Hire with Confidence

Some events, like weddings, can make or break the reputation of a catering company. Professionalism, efficiency, and reliability are essential requirements for catering staff. With Bacon, caterers can select their workers from a pool of talent based on a comprehensive worker performance rating given by past businesses, and can choose to limit applications only to those workers with the desired certifications, sips and tips, bartending experience, food-handlers permits, etc. Catering businesses can even find out which workers have excelled at working high-pressure, high-stakes catering events, then invite those workers directly to their shifts. And, when a business finds a stellar worker through Bacon, they can bring them onto their team full-time without any hiring fees.


As catering companies gear up for the busy summer season, having a reliable staffing solution can make all the difference. The Bacon App offers a fast, efficient, and flexible approach to temporary staffing that can help these businesses handle the summer rush with ease.

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