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June 5, 2023

Bacon Brings Availability, Flexibility, and Fairness to Warehouse Labor

The Bacon app is changing warehouse staffing industry for gig workers and businesses.

Bacon Inc

The warehouse staffing landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the rise of innovative gig work platforms like Bacon. By prioritizing flexibility, availability, and fairness, Bacon is steering the industry away from traditional warehouse staffing agencies, offering a revolutionary solution that addresses the needs of both businesses and workers.

A New Approach to Warehouse Staffing

Bacon has revamped the concept of warehouse staffing. The process begins with businesses posting their shift details, requirements, and pay on the Bacon app. Thousands of qualified candidates in your area are immediately alerted, eliminating the time-consuming hunt for potential employees. Rather than depend on the fixed rates and worker assignments of a temp agency, businesses can play the market with Bacon–they get the best local workers at the lowest price. 

Hire Without Hassle

Unlike conventional warehouse staffing agencies, Bacon provides an array of candidates, complete with their skills, certifications, performance ratings, and availability. This approach eliminates tedious contracts and paperwork, ensuring that businesses hire qualified, background-checked, and ready-to-work individuals with ease.

Bacon Knows Warehouses

The strength of Bacon lies in its comprehensive understanding of warehouse operations. Businesses can quickly choose their ideal applicants based on detailed profile information, including performance ratings, skills, certifications, and language abilities. Every Bacon worker is an independent contractor, ready to tackle everything from forklift operation to packing and fulfillment, arriving liability-insured, and ready to streamline your warehouse operations.

Flexibility: A Key Component in Warehouse Staffing

Is your business experiencing a sudden spike in orders or racing against a tight deadline? Bacon’s platform offers the flexibility to scale your staff up or down as needed without the administrative burden of hiring or laying off full-time employees. This ensures that your warehouse operations run smoothly and efficiently, even in unexpected situations. Businesses can scale up or down their staff easily and quickly–sometimes as fast as 48 hrs.

Built-In Backup: Ensuring Availability at All Times

In the realm of warehouse staffing, Bacon provides unmatched peace of mind by activating backup workers for every shift. This unique feature ensures you always have enough hands on deck to get the job done, no matter the circumstances.

Build a Bench of Talent: Optimizing Warehouse Operations

Bacon’s mission extends beyond immediate staffing needs. The platform enables businesses to hire their favorite Bacon workers full-time without buyout fees or contracts. This feature empowers businesses to build a reliable bench of talent, further optimizing warehouse operations and making Bacon the ideal partner for your warehouse staffing needs.


In a time of change and progress, Bacon is redefining warehouse staffing. By making the process more accessible, flexible, and fair for businesses and workers alike, Bacon is setting a new standard for warehouse staffing agencies near you.

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