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May 25, 2023

Overcome Gig-Worker Hesitation with the Bacon App

The Bacon app helps businesses embrace gig workers with ease and confidence.

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The rising gig economy, an ever-growing and resilient sector, has brought a wealth of opportunities for businesses in diverse sectors like warehouse, catering, event services, and manufacturing. Despite some concerns and uncertainties, the gig economy has shown its tenacity and staying power, solidifying its role in the modern labor market. However, many businesses hesitate to dive into these opportunities due to concerns surrounding the use of gig workers. The quality and reliability of gig workers, management complexities, confidentiality concerns, legal issues, and high turnover rates are just some of the obstacles that may discourage businesses from leveraging the gig economy. Fortunately, innovative platforms like the Bacon app have risen to the occasion, offering solutions that address these concerns head-on.

Ensuring Quality of Work

Quality control is a key concern for businesses when considering gig workers. Bacon addresses this concern by providing a platform that only hosts vetted and reviewed gig workers. Every worker on the platform is rated by businesses after the completion of each gig, creating a robust feedback loop that ensures only high-quality workers stay on the platform. When selecting workers for a shift, businesses have easy access to this feedback through the app, allowing them to hire with confidence.

Promoting Reliability

Reliability is another major consideration when hiring gig workers. The Bacon app promotes reliability through a performance rating system that rewards consistent and reliable gig workers with more visibility and better opportunities while enforcing accountability for unreliable behavior, such as missed or incomplete shifts. This system encourages gig workers to be punctual and dependable. Additionally, every Bacon shift has a back-up guarantee–several back-up Bacon workers are sent to every shift to fill in for no-shows or provide additional support at the discretion of the employer.

Simplifying Management and Oversight

The Bacon app alleviates the complexities of managing a flexible workforce by providing businesses with easy-to-use tools for scheduling, communication, and worker tracking. The app serves as a central hub for coordinating gig work, eliminating the need for multiple platforms and reducing administrative overhead.

Minimizing Turnover and Ensuring Continuity

While turnover is a reality in the gig economy, Bacon minimizes its impact by maintaining a large and diversified pool of gig workers. When businesses find individual workers or even groups of workers they like, they can invite them to work future shifts through the app, making it easy to build a bench of talent. Additionally, Bacon removes barriers to full-time hiring, including the paperwork and conversion fees required by traditional temp agencies. In short, Bacon offers businesses every opportunity for staffing success. 


While the concerns associated with hiring gig workers are valid, solutions like the Bacon app are rising to the challenge. By offering a robust platform that addresses quality, reliability, management, confidentiality, legal compliance, and continuity concerns, Bacon is making it easier and more advantageous for businesses to harness the potential of the gig economy. 

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