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January 10, 2024

Ten Questions about Staffing Agencies in the New Gig Economy

Explore key aspects of temp work, from resume impact to staffing roles, benefits, & strategies.

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Navigating the World of Temporary Employment: Insights and Answers

In today's ever-evolving job market, temporary staffing is becoming increasingly relevant. From short-term project work to seasonal employment, understanding the dynamics of temporary jobs is key for both employers and employees. This article delves into common questions and misconceptions about temporary employment, offering insights and answers.

1. Do Temp Jobs Look Bad on a Resume?

Gone are the days when temp jobs were viewed unfavorably. In various industries today, temporary roles are seen as opportunities to showcase adaptability and a diverse skill set. They can demonstrate a candidate's willingness to learn and their ability to thrive in different environments.

The Bacon app allows temp workers to not only work a variety of shifts based on their career interests and goals, but because workers are performance-rated for each shift, they can demonstrate credible performance within their desired industry, including warehousing, catering & event services, and manufacturing. In fact, for many Bacon workers, their Bacon worker profile asks as a resume in itself; hundreds of excellent Bacon workers have been hired on full-time by employers in their desired career fields.

2. How Does an Event Staffing Agency Select and Train Its Staff?

Event staffing agencies often have a rigorous selection process to ensure they provide quality staff. This includes thorough interviews, background checks, and often skill assessments. Training programs are typically in place to further develop these skills, ensuring staff are well-prepared for specific event roles.

With staffing apps like Bacon, workers are trained as-needed for every shift they work, allowing them both access to a larger variety of gigs, and the opportunity to be invited back to more specialized gigs.

3. How Much Do Temp Agencies Take from Your Pay?

The financial arrangements between temp agencies and their employees can vary. Generally, agencies take a percentage of the pay, but this should be transparent from the outset. Industry standards for agency fees vary, so it’s important to understand the terms before accepting a position.

With the Bacon app, staffing agencies are cut out of the equation, and workers are paid at a competitive rate set by the employer. Because Bacon is a true marketplace, employers must set rates that attract local workers to ensure applications.

4. How to Tell a Staffing Agency That the Position Isn't Working Out?

Communication is key. If a position isn’t a good fit, it’s important to inform the staffing agency professionally and promptly. Providing honest feedback can help them find a more suitable placement and maintain a positive relationship.

The Bacon app gives temp workers more confidence to leave positions at temp agencies that aren't working out, are inflexible, low-paying, etc. Workers can download the app for free and start working as soon as the same day.

5. Is it Okay to be a Temporary Staff for 2 Years?

Long-term temporary employment has its pros and cons. While it offers flexibility and a variety of experiences, it may also raise questions about career growth and job stability. Weighing these factors is crucial in making informed career decisions.

Bacon allows returning workers to develop relationships and receive training from their employers across industries,  including warehousing, catering & event services, and manufacturing. In fact, many Bacon workers have been hired on full-time after a few shifts with an employer. Some employers will use the Bacon app to test out full-time employees, or get full-time employees in the door and on the floor while their full-time employment paperwork goes through.

6. What is the Point of Temporary Jobs?

Temporary jobs offer several benefits, including flexibility, opportunities for skill development, and often, pathways to permanent positions. They allow employees to explore different industries and roles while providing employers with the necessary workforce for specific periods or projects.

Many industries, including warehousing, catering & event services, need temp workers to meet regular and seasonal demand. Staffing apps maximize temp jobs, allowing the worker to choose when and where they work, at competitive rates. Users of the Bacon app value flexibility, and work hard to stay competitive for the best temp jobs and opportunities.

7. Why Do Companies Hire Temporary Workers?

Companies hire temporary workers for various strategic reasons, including meeting seasonal demands, fulfilling project-specific needs, and assessing potential for permanent employment.

The Bacon app allows companies to find, select, and pay workers all within the app without any of the traditional paperwork that comes with a traditional temp agency, making hiring quality temp workers easier than ever.

8. What is Temp Staffing and Contract Staffing?

While both temporary and contract staffing fulfill short-term employment needs, they differ in terms of employment terms and duration. Temp staffing typically refers to short-term roles, whereas contract staffing involves longer-term positions with specific project objectives.

The Bacon app allows employers to hire workers for a variety of projects and for as long as they'd like.

10. Why Do Companies Use Staffing Agencies?

Companies utilize staffing agencies for various advantages, such as reducing the time and cost of hiring, accessing a wider talent pool, and managing HR responsibilities effectively.

More and more companies are moving to on-demand staffing apps like Bacon, because they can fill shifts quickly with quality, performance-rated workers without the paperwork and slow-turnaround of traditional temp agencies and staffing agencies.

Temporary staffing is an integral part of the modern workforce, offering flexibility and opportunities for both businesses and individuals. As the nature of work continues to evolve, staying informed about the nuances of temporary employment is essential.

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