Warehouse Staffing
June 20, 2024

On-Demand Staffing For Warehouses

On-demand staffing boosts warehouse efficiency and decreases warehouse manager headaches.

Bacon Inc

Understanding On-Demand Staffing

Finding reliable warehouse temporary staff is getting hard. Warehouse managers have to deal with unmotivated workers, no shows and complicated contracts with temp agencies. Yet warehouse needs are still not being met. 

Warehouses who don't settle for something that doesn’t work have turned to on-demand staffing platforms. With staffing on-demand, warehouses get the numbers and quality of temp workers they’ve been needing without contracts or excessive fees.  

Flexibility to Match Unique Needs  

On-demand staffing works on an as-needed basis. This gives businesses the flexibility to match their temporary staff to the unique needs of the warehouse day to day. On-demand staffing works for warehouses needing seasonal workers to match peak demand times, and for warehouses needing consistent temporary staffing

With no subscriptions or contracts, on-demand staffing platform Bacon puts warehouses in control. They only pay for the shifts and workers they need. With full flexibility warehouses can ramp their temporary staff up or down without the need to contact a rep. 

Transparent Control Over Staffing

Businesses have no control over what workers they get from temp agencies. On-demand staffing apps let businesses choose their workers. Each Bacon worker’s profile includes a picture, worker certifications, and a rating based on reviews and ratings from other businesses. 

On-demand staffing makes it possible to build a bench of workers you trust and know. Bacon's favorites list feature allows warehouse managers to add workers they like to the favorites list. Then instead of posting the shifts publicly, businesses can directly invite favorite workers to shifts. 

Cost Efficiency and Savings

With Bacon, businesses have complete flexibility with the wages and quantity of the temporary workers. On-demand staffing lets businesses choose how much their workers are paid. And because there are no contracts or minimum worker quantity requirements, warehouses can spend money on temporary labor efficiently. 

Bacon has no conversion fees. When managers find workers they like and want to hire full time, they can do so without having to pay extra. This also makes on-demand staffing apps an efficient way to try a worker out before hiring full time.

Improved Quality and Reliability

On-demand staffing apps have a high fill rate. Bacon has an average 90% fill rate for shifts posted on the app. This is achieved through a strict zero-tolerance policy for no shows or misbehavior and through the use of backup-workers.

The backup program sends a calculated number of backup workers to the shift to ensure the shift gets filled. If businesses don’t need the backups, they turn them away and the workers still get paid at Bacon’s expense. 

The quality of the workers is higher with on-demand staffing as well. Workers see the pay and expectations of the shifts and then choose the ones they apply for. Workers are rated after each shift to create a worker score. Workers whose score drops below a certain point are paused from working more shifts until they change their performance. 

On-demand staffing is a solution to the struggles of using temporary workers in warehouses. With flexibility to match unique business strategies, complete transparent control, better cost efficiency, and improved quality and reliability of workers Bacon simplifies the process of staffing temporary workers in warehouses.

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