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October 18, 2023

5 Strategies for Warehouse Managers to Boost Team Performance

Strategies to confidently lead your warehouse into the industry's busiest season.

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Optimize Your Warehouse for Go-time

Managing a warehouse goes beyond just handling inventory or organizing space. It's about nurturing a robust, efficient, and driven team. As the industry's demands shift, especially going into the holiday season, managers need to be agile and innovative in their leadership approach. Here's a tailored guide for warehouse managers to amplify their team's output through quarter 4.

1. Champion Learning

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Warehousing is an ever-changing domain. Embrace continuous industry education to stay abreast of the latest technologies and best practices. This not only refines operations but also establishes you as a trusted and informed leader.

2. Emphasize Safety and Well-being

Safety Above All

A protected worker is a content worker. Regularly revisit and refine safety protocols, and allocate resources for safety gear and training. Prioritizing safety underscores your commitment to your team's well-being, leading to heightened morale and lower attrition.

3. Enhance Communication

Transparent Conversations

Forge clear communication channels with your team. Whether it's task delegation, feedback, or addressing issues, ensure open dialogue. This fosters a setting where everyone is clear about their roles and feels empowered to communicate with the management.

4. Harness Technology

The Bacon App Advantage

Today, competitive, successful warehouses must adopt new technologies to enhance operations. The Bacon app stands out as a game-changer among staffing apps for warehousing. Bacon offers a swift solution to find local temporary workers tailored for warehousing needs, giving warehouse managers control over the hiring process. 

Post Customizable Shifts

With Bacon, you are in the driver's seat. Set the hourly wage and unique shift requirements with confidence.

Select Qualified Workers

Select from vetted local workers who meet your shift requirements, viewing their qualifications and certifications, as well as performance reviews and ratings.

Pay through the App

Pay workers directly through the app, eliminating the hassle of payroll and other paperwork. 

Invite Workers Back or Hire Full-Time

Find a worker you like? Invite them back to future shifts directly. Find a worker you really like? Hire them on part or full time without any hiring fees. 

There’s a reason warehouses are switching from temp agencies to Bacon for staffing: Bacon is fast, flexible, and reliable. In times of sudden demand spikes or workforce shortages, the Bacon app ensures you have a reliable backup plan to meet those demands efficiently. By integrating the Bacon app, you can ensure timely order fulfillment and access the best warehouse workers in your area.

5. Empower Your Workers

Trust and Celebrate

Assign tasks based on individual proficiencies and have faith in your team's capabilities. Celebrate exceptional performance, be it through incentives, promotions, or just a word of appreciation. Feeling valued and trusted significantly enhances a worker's dedication and allegiance to the team.

You Got This!

A warehouse manager's responsibilities extend beyond mere logistics. It encompasses creating a synergistic environment, staying updated with industry innovations, and consistently seeking ways to boost team output. By adopting these strategies, warehouse managers can truly uplift their team, fostering both individual growth and overall business triumph. You've got the tools you need, now it's time to get shifts done!

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