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Bacon quickly connects established businesses to local labor to work their hourly shifts.

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0% fees on your first shift
%35 of labor cost
Shift: Warehouse Labor
Date: Oct 22, 2022 | 8AM - 3PM
# of workers: 8 workers

"Sometimes we need workers last minute. We have been able to count on Bacon to help provide us quality workers at those times."

Marta M.
Production Manager at Elite Ops

3 Simple Steps

01 | post your hourly shifts

Write a post description—include things like location, number of needed workers, dress get the gist. You're even in control of the hourly rate. This is the beauty of on-demand staffing.

02 | choose your workers

Once your shift is posted, any of our workers can apply. After reviewing their profiles, previous experience, and past ratings, you get to select the workers who show up to your business.

03 | rate your workers

After a completed shift, no need to fill out complicated paperwork. Simply give the worker a rating, leave a review, and push a button to pay them with your preferred method of payment on the same app.

We've Got You Covered

pre-screened & background checked

All temporary workers on the Bacon platform are screened and background-checked—meaning you can staff with confidence.

easy payment

No hidden fees and no subscriptions. We make it easy to find temporay labor by allowing you to pay directly through the Bacon platform. Pay via ACH, credit card, or check.

no contracts or subscriptions

With no contracts or subscription fees, you only pay for the shifts that are worked.No need to worry about any hidden fees here.

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Hire on short notice with a simple mobile app

Our online platform allows you to post your hourly shifts and find workers from any device.

  • Post shifts as little or as often as you only pay for shifts that are worked!
  • Set your own hourly wages and choose your own workers.

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