Find flexible work with an app.

Bacon is the best way to find and work hourly shifts. The Bacon app connects you with nearby businesses to work their hourly shifts--whenever you want.
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Work when you want

Businesses near you post their shifts on the Bacon app. With the app downloaded to your device, you can browse these shifts and choose the ones that you want to work.

  • Pick the shifts that fit your schedule
  • Work as few or as many shifts as you want
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Rapid Payments

After working a shift, you are seamlessly paid through the Bacon App. Payments typically happen within 72 hours of working a shift.

  • Get paid within 72 hours
  • Earn bonus cash the more you work
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Rapid Payments

After working a shift, you get paid through the Bacon App--all in a seamless process. Payments typically arrive within 72 hours of working a shift.

  • Get paid within 72 hours
  • Transfer earnings directly to your bank account
  • Earn bonus cash the more shifts you work
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Try new things & get paid

Develop skills and learn new things by exploring the various shifts you can find on Bacon. Most shifts on the Bacon App are entry-level and are available for anyone to work!

  • Broaden your work and professional experience
  • Work in a variety of different industries
  • Make meaningful connections with workers and businesses
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Download now and join a community of those who know how to hustle. Download the Bacon app today and start working.

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250 + shifts

"The Bacon App allowed me to fill gaps in my schedule to increase my income at a much faster rate than dedicating my time to apply for various jobs the traditional way."

150 + shifts

"What I love about Bacon is that if you are willing to show up and work, you can be self-reliant."

67 + shifts

"My husband is retired and I need to have freedom in my life to pick up and go out of town. The Bacon App works perfect for that. I can work when I want and be off when I need to."

19 + shifts

"I used Bacon for 3 weeks and got hired permanently by a company I never imagined myself working at. I am in management and love every bit of what I do. Bacon gave me the opportunity!"