How Great Big Pictures overcame gig-worker hesitation to build a bench of reliable workers.

key takeaways

Make Shifts Simple

By off-loading basic, yet time-consuming tasks to Bacon workers you can give your FT employees more time to work on more complicated tasks.

Flexibility Fills Shifts

By consistently posting and offering a variety of shift lengths, you can provide the flexibility that gig-workers crave.

Give it Time

Fill-rate achieved by GSP as they dedicated time to posting shifts in this manner.

By optimizing their shift postings, GSP was able to:




the problem

The training barrier

When GSP initially began working with Bacon, they anticipated using the platform as a temp agency alternative. However, they felt that the Bacon platform would not be a good fit because the position they wanted to fill would require extensive training and be better suited for a long-term temp instead of potentially having new workers each day.

Flexibility is the key

This is a common perception that companies implementing on- demand staffing have. They fear that a gig worker could never to a job that is traditionally reserved for a temp worker. However, on-demand staffing is not the same thing as a temp agency. The Bacon platform is a tool to add to your temp hiring needs. And as with any new tool, you must learn how to utilize it in the best way possible.

Once GSP learned that Bacon’s unique flexibility and instantaneous workforce is what attracts workers, they realized two things:

  1. Just how GSP did not want to spend excessive time doing trainings, Bacon workers feel the same way--they are looking to get working immediately.
  2. GSP would need to modify their shift postings to cater to the flexibility and ease of access that gig-workers crave.
"Modify and adjust job responsibilities to tailor processes to the gig-worker experience."
"On-demand staffing is not the same thing as a temp agency".

the solution

Gig workers are different than your temp workers.

The difference between a gig worker and a traditional temp worker is that a gig worker is actively choosing to work. When GSP understood this, they realized that they needed to modify the job in a in way that would attract Bacon workers. This meant providing a variety of shift times, lengths, and ensuring that the shifts posted addressed the most basic labor that needed to be done.

Consistency and time are the key

By modifying the job to be more simple, GSP maintained a consistency in their posting to ensure that they were reaching a large worker base.

As mentioned above, gig-workers are a flexible breed of workers. They are attracted to variety and ease of access. By posting shifts frequently and offering a variety of shift lengths, GSP ensured that they made themselves available to what Bacon workers have to offer.

"They made themselves available to what gig-workers have to offer."
"GSP maintained a consistency in their posting to ensure that they were reaching a large worker base."

it's all about building your bench

What it means

"Build your Bench of Talent". We say it a lot. But the truth is that it's something we are all searching for--and it's something that Bacon can provide.

In the world of on-demand staffing, Build your Bench of Talent means providing consistent and clear opportunities in a repeatable fashion to allow gig-workers around you to have a chance to view your company as reliable, yet flexible workplace. Once they view it as such, they will continue to come back for more.

You can't build a bench of talent over-night

Just as we saw with GSP, it took optimization of shift postings, time, and consistency for GSP to start to see the constant flow of familiar faces start to fill their shifts. While not every worker come back for a second shift, GSP is now constantly experiences a fresh bench of talent with a mix of those who have worked the shift before and those who have not. It all takes time.

It never hurts to just post a shift

The fact remains that it never hurts to post a shift. GSP tried posting different shift lengths, times, and types to experiment with what resonates best with the gig-workforce around them. If you are not posting shifts, then you are not building a bench.



bench of talent.