Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake is a Bacon® loving American professional soccer franchise based in Salt Lake City, UT.

200% increase in shift entries.

40 workers hired.

500% increase in customer engagement.

In 2021, Real Salt Lake ran a promotion for one of its official sponsors, Key Bank, to create a program that would engage fans and draw leads back to the bank in hopes of acquiring fans as customers. In 2022, they decided to hire a street marketing team through Bacon to improve the promotion's outcome. They required that hired workers be bilingual, easily trainable, and available for 4 hours. The results were beyond expectations.

"Quick-turnaround staffing."

"We needed to find a solution to bring someone in for four hours that was easily trainable, someone who was bilingual. We thought Bacon was an absolutely great solution for this, knowing that they could support us with quick-turnaround staffing. The workers that we got were great—they were prompt, [...] they showed up at the right place. From there we were able to provide a very short, 15-minute orientation to then get them engaging with our fans.

We're very excited to see where we can use Bacon next year. We'll continue to champion Bacon, and encourage all our departments to utilize their services and platform."

Jackson Babcock, Director - Partnership Services, Real Salt Lake

"They did everything we asked and more."

"The quality of the brand ambassador that Bacon provided was beyond what we expected. They were outgoing, friendly, engaging, timely—they did everything we asked and more, as evidenced by the performance of our program. They did a tremendous job hustling, driving face-to-face engagement with fans across the stadium every game day, 4-6 games throughout those 3 months, and we were just really pleased overall with the response we saw, both in entries into the program, and then, ultimately, the actions those fans took after entering."

Kellin Zalneraitis, Lead Sponsorship & Field Marketing Consultant, Key Bank

Real Salt Lake


It's the Bacon way!