Great Big Pictures (a GSP company) overcame gig-worker hesitation to build a bench of reliable workers.

80% Fill Rate

350 to 650 Boxes/Hour

4 Workers Hired Full Time

Great Big Pictures felt initial hesitancy about the additional time and resources gig workers might require. They quickly found that Bacon workers are top-notch individuals eager to hustle and shine.


As is common with many organizations new to leveraging the power of gig workers, Great Big Pictures (GSP) was concerned that the flexibility that the Bacon platform provided wouldn't be able to stand up to the extensive training regimen required in their warehouse. They quickly found that the trade-off between flexibility and worker quality was non-existent. High-quality workers that learn quickly and hustle are attracted by flexibility. By providing gig work shifts, Great Big Pictures was able to attract, and even hire, top-notch talent and build a bench of qualified, trained workers that show up and get the job done.

Within a short time of using Bacon, Great Big Pictures was able to achieve higher than 80% fill rate on their shifts while increasing warehouse output and efficiency.


Modern workers want reliable, reputable companies to work for, but they also strive for the flexibility the gig work economy provides them. With Bacon, Great Big Pictures build a bench of talented workers who had been trained that they could call upon at any time. From that bench of talent, they frequently fill their shifts and have the flexibility to fluctuate with the flow of goods through their warehouse.

But that's not all a bench of talent is good for. Within a short time of implementing Bacon as a staffing solution, Bacon workers stood out as top-notch individuals ready to make an impact. Remember the increased warehouse package output mentioned earlier? That was a Bacon worker named Nick showing up to hustle and shine. He discovered ways to improve processes within the warehouse and recommended them to management. They were so impressed, they hired Nick. He now runs an entire department within Great Big Pictures. His leadership has lead to an increase in packages per hour from 350 to 650 (and climbing).

Great Big Pictures has hired a number of Bacon workers as full-time employees since (don't forget, there's no conversion fee for hiring Bacon workers). So, whether you need a quick-response staffing solution for temporary labor or a way to find that talented individual to run your warehouse, Bacon's got you covered.



It's the Bacon way!