Love using Bacon? Refer another business and get paid.

refer a business. earn a $2,500-Value Reward.

Do you know of a business that uses temp labor? Maybe you have worked for a business in the past that uses temp labor? Refer a specific contact to us, and we'll give you up to $2,500 toward your Bacon fees, a staff party, swag – whatever!

Here's how it works:

  • You get $500 for every 25 shifts your referral posts, up to $2,500.

  • You can use this for whatever is most exciting to you – credit toward Bacon fees, a staff party, swag, etc.

  • One of our representatives will reach out to work out how you'd like to receive your reward.

Who could benefit from using Bacon?

Fill out the form below with the contact information of the person we should talk to at that business about using Bacon for staffing.

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Do you know of a business that uses temp labor? Maybe you have worked for a business through another app or temp agency?

Bacon will give you $500 per business you refer to the Bacon app that posts 25 shifts!

* Business referrals cannot be contacts that are currently working with Bacon Sales Representatives.

*Business referrals cannot be existing Bacon clients.

how bacon's business referral program works:


Enter the information of a specific contact at the business you're referring, as well as your own information.


Bacon representatives will use the provided information to contact your referral.


If your company referral signs up for Bacon, you will be notified of your successful referral.


After the business posts 25 shifts, you will be paid $500.


You will be paid $500 for every 25 shifts the business posts until the business has posted 125 shifts.


After the business's 125th shift, you will receive your final $500 payment for a total of $2,500.


It's the Bacon way!

who can participate in the bacon business referral program?

The Bacon Business Referral Program is a perk that is only available to workers with A-TEAM or Elite status.