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November 29, 2022

What U.S. Gig Economy Workers Are Expecting In The New Year

The rise of the gig economy is no secret. Here's what we predict gig economy workers expect in 2023.

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What U.S. Gig Workers Are Expecting in 2023

The rise of the gig economy is no secret. A growing number of individuals have turned to freelance work to make ends meet. And it's not just Millennials who are driving this trend — according to a recent study, nearly 60% of gig workers are over 35. The reasons for this shift are numerous, but one fact remains: the gig economy is here to stay.

What does this mean for temp workers in the future? It's hard to say. Some experts predict that the gig economy will continue to grow, eventually becoming the norm rather than the exception. Others believe that the rise of the gig economy will lead to greater economic inequality, as those who can't find traditional jobs will be left behind. Only time will tell.

One thing is certain: the gig economy is changing the way we work, and there's no going back!

Temp job apps such as Bacon are becoming more popular, making it easier for companies to hire temporary workers.

Gig workers will be expecting better benefits and working conditions.

The gig economy has been touted as the future of work, but gig workers are starting to demand more than just flexibility and low barriers to entry. As the gig economy grows, gig workers expect better benefits and working conditions. After all, why should they settle for less when they have the skills and experience to demand more?

We can already see this trend starting to emerge, with a number of high-profile lawsuits being filed against companies like Uber and Lyft. As the gig economy matures, we can expect to see more of these kinds of cases. So what does this mean for companies that rely on gig workers?

Companies should consider offering more flexible working hours, career development opportunities, and higher wages to their gig workers to attract and retain the best talent. In addition, they should strive to provide their workers with a meaningful experience that goes beyond just the monetary aspect of their job.

Top 8 Expectations Of Gig Workers in 2023

To help companies that employ temp labor meet their expectations, we recommend implementing measures such as:

  1. Being aware of the specific needs of each individual gig worker.
  2. Establishing a formal onboarding process to ensure that all new workers are given the same level of support and guidance
  3. Offering benefits such as health insurance and retirement savings plans to both full-time and part-time gig workers.
  4. Investing in professional development opportunities for gig workers, such as training and mentorship programs.
  5. Ensuring that all workers have access to the same opportunities and resources, regardless of their employment status.
  6. Establishing a clear communication system between gig workers, employers, and other stakeholders to ensure transparency.
  7. Offering fair wages and flexible payment structures for all gig workers.
  8. Listening to the voice of gig workers and taking their feedback into account when making decisions about policies and procedures.

By taking these measures, companies can ensure that gig workers are treated fairly and feel respected.


Companies need to do more to retain top talent to support their work-on-demand workforce. This may include offering benefits like health insurance or creating opportunities for professional development.

By making some simple changes, companies can create a much more supportive environment for gig workers and help to ensure that they stick around for the long term. It all starts with giving gig workers the respect they deserve.

Happy gigging!

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