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June 25, 2024

How On-Demand Staffing Improves Satisfaction and Retention.

On-demand staffing improves temporary employees' satisfaction and retention.

Bacon Inc

Around the globe more than half of employees are less than satisfied with their jobs. In large part to the inflexible schedule. 72% of women and 57% of men prioritize workplace flexibility. When employees are unsatisfied they are more likely to seek employment options elsewhere, creating challenges for warehouses to retain the amount of workers they need. Employee satisfaction is becoming an integrated part of warehouse strategies.

One strategy with climbing popularity is utilizing an on-demand staffing app. On-demand staffing apps can be used to improve employee satisfaction through greater flexibility, increased control, and fair compensation. 

The Challenges of Traditional Temporary Staffing in Warehouses

All industries that utilize temporary staffing have turnover rates. But warehouses have higher turnover rates with an average of 37%. This gives warehouse staffing a bad rep to both managers and employees. When there is too much work and not enough workers, employee dissatisfaction and burnout increase greatly.  

To combat this, warehouses use temporary labor to supplement their full-time employees. However, temporary staffing brings its own list of challenges including low fill rates and mediocre workers.

The warehousing industry is rarely consistent, with fluctuations in order quantities or seasonal demands. Warehouses need flexibility and control with their staffing. Traditional temp agencies can’t provide this kind of unique control. On-demand staffing apps do give complete flexibility and control to warehouse managers.  

What Are On-Demand Staffing Apps?

On-demand staffing apps, like Bacon, utilize gig workers to provide temporary labor. Warehouse managers follow a template to create a shift, they choose shift requirements, worker quantity, and pay. The shift is then posted to the platform and workers get on the app and see the shifts. If the workers are interested in working they apply to the shift. 

The manager then reviews the applicants and chooses the workers they want to work their shift. Accepted workers show up and work the shift. Once the shift is over warehouse managers verify workers hours and rate the workers. If they liked the workers they can favorite them and invite them back to future shifts.

Benefits of On-Demand Staffing for Warehouse Employees

On-Demand staffing gives both warehouse managers and warehouse employees increased flexibility. Workers receive the flexibility to choose when and where they work according to their personal schedule. Warehouses get the flexibility to choose how many workers they need and when they want them. 

Warehouses get greater control over their staff with on-demand staffing apps. With no contracts or subscriptions, the temporary staffing is truly on an on-demand basis. 

Traditional temp agencies don’t let warehouses have direct communication with workers before or after a shift. On-demand staffing apps give businesses the ability to communicate with workers whenever they need to.  

With on-demand staffing apps, warehouses choose what they pay their workers. Workers can see the estimated pay before they apply for the shifts. This creates fair compensation. Workers know what the shifts will pay and if they don’t like it they don’t apply for the shifts. 

Improving Staffing Retention

On-demand staffing apps help with worker retention because they help with job satisfaction. 55% of Americans claim they have work exhaustion.

Using temporary labor from on-demand staffing apps helps to lighten the load on full-time employees. This decreases their level of exhaustion and can increase productivity and satisfaction. When workers are satisfied and feel valued there is a reduction in turnover.

Warehouses can use on-demand staffing apps to create a positive work culture. On-demand staffing apps have features that allow for feedback and rating after shifts. Workers know they are being rated and the quality of work goes up as a result. 

On-demand staffing apps are a great way to improve employee satisfaction and retention. They provide warehouses with the flexibility and control they need to be efficient. On-demand staffing apps provide workers with the freedom to choose their schedule and the shifts they want. With no subscriptions or contracts there is no risk in giving on-demand staffing a try.

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