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October 6, 2023

Harvest Seasonal Opportunities with Bacon

Five tips to thrive in the seasonal gig economy this fall with Bacon.

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As the leaves begin to change, so do the opportunities in the gig economy. Fall brings a unique set of gigs that can help you make the most of the season. Here are five essential tips for gigworking this fall, helping you harvest a wealth of opportunities with the Bacon app.

1. Leverage Seasonal Opportunities

Fall is a season bustling with events and activities, from Halloween parties to Thanksgiving events. Catering services, event planning companies, and retailers are often on the lookout for extra help during this busy season. Be proactive and apply for these seasonal gigs on the Bacon app to secure a spot.

2. Update Your Profile Regularly

As you acquire new skills and experience, ensure your profile on the Bacon app is up-to-date. A complete and updated profile increases your chances of being selected for gigs that match your skill set and interests, making you a prime candidate for employers.

3. Plan Your Schedule Wisely

With the holidays approaching, it’s essential to plan your schedule efficiently. Balance your personal commitments and gig opportunities by planning ahead. The Bacon app allows you to view and accept gigs in advance, helping you create a seamless work-life balance. 

4. Network with Other Gig Workers

Fall is a fantastic time to connect with fellow gig workers. Sharing experiences and tips can lead to discovering more opportunities and understanding industry expectations. Engage with the Bacon community to foster connections that can be beneficial for your gigworking journey.

Don’t know anyone on Bacon yet? Work is better with a buddy! Download the app and refer a friend with your referral code for a referral bonus of $25 referral bonus for each friend who completes their first Bacon shift. There’s no limit to how much you can earn, just like there’s no limit to how many friends you can have!

Also, be sure to follow Bacon on social media (@baconwork) to join the greater Bacon community. There you’ll get helpful tips for using the app, see stories of fellow workers, and stay up to date on future community opportunities. 

5. Stay Prepared for Quick Shifts

The demand for workers can spike unexpectedly during the fall. Being prepared to take on last-minute gigs can make you a preferred choice for employers. Always have your work essentials ready, and keep an eye on the Bacon app for sudden gig openings. Make sure to check the app daily to apply for shifts as they are posted–especially nearing the holiday season, gigs are sure to be snatched up quickly!


Autumn is a season ripe with opportunity in the gig economy. By following these tips and utilizing the Bacon app, you can navigate through the maze of Fall gig opportunities efficiently and profitably. So, put on your work boots, update your Bacon profile, and get ready to leap into a fruitful season of gigworking this Fall!

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