Bacon Work, Inc. Standards of Conduct

Last Updated: July 20, 2023

Bacon, Inc. (“Bacon”) provides a service (“Marketplace”) that allows independent contractors (“Workers or Contractors”) to connect with Bacon’s network of companies and other work providers (each, a “Business”) and enter into arrangements with one or more such Businesses for the performance of services. Workers and Businesses are subject to the “Bacon Works Inc. Terms and Conditions” as well as their respective “Service Agreements”  


To establish expected behavior for all members of the Bacon Marketplace. 


These standards apply to all members of the Bacon Marketplace, including staff, contractors, businesses, customers, visitors, and other workers on site. These standards apply to any activity related to Bacon in any location where a service engagement, or agreement between Businesses and Contractors for specified work, is being carried out. These also apply to any conduct during a shift or not that may have an effect on the Bacon Marketplace. 


Bacon Work, Inc. respects the dignity of every individual and expects members of the Bacon Marketplace to: 


It is the obligation of the members of the Bacon Marketplace to report violations of these Marketplace Standards of Conduct to Bacon’s support teams. Any reported violations will be promptly addressed. 

Report suspected violations of these Marketplace Standards of Conduct to: 

Bacon Worker Support


Available: 8:30am - 5:00pm MST (excluding holidays)

Bacon Client Success 


Available: 8:30am - 5:00pm MST (excluding holidays)

Zero Tolerance and Suspension 

Contractors and Businesses are expected to maintain these standards at all times during shifts and while communicating on the platform. Bacon maintains zero tolerance for theft, poor conduct, substance abuse, or harassment of any kind. Violations of the Marketplace Standards of Conduct may result in immediate removal from the platform. When necessary, Bacon may also suspend your account pending the processing of reports and documentation of any concerns raised by Businesses or other Contractors. 

These Marketplace Standards of Conduct are not intended to create a contract between Bacon and any person or organization. Bacon reserves the right to amend or revoke these standards at any time without notice. 

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