General Labor

Hire workers for as short as a single shift.


General Labor Staffing in Utah & Dallas-Ft.Worth, TX

General laborers do tough physical jobs that are essential to the success of your business. You might hire a laborer to operate construction equipment, load and unload inventory, drive a forklift, operate water-spraying equipment, and so much more.

When you need extra help with general labor, make sure you’re hiring skilled workers to get the job done right. General labor tasks can vary greatly from job to job, and you’ll want a perfect fit to ensure everything goes according to your vision.

Substitute for Manual Labor Temp Agencies

Bacon is an app that is the best substitute for a general labor temp agency in Dallas-Ft Worth, TX, and Utah that makes the task of staffing your workplace easier than ever. We understand the many pain points of typical staffing agencies, so we’re proud to revolutionize the process of finding temp workers.

Why We Stand Out

Why is Bacon a cut above a standard manual labor temp agency? The answer is simple. We’ve totally streamlined the onboarding process so you find the best workers out there in no time flat. You’ll have less stress about seasonal or volatile demands because Bacon will always be there when you need us.

The Process

When you choose the Bacon app over your average manual labor temp agency, you’ll simply pull up our app, select candidates from a pool of qualified workers, and then pass off the onboarding process to us. You’ll pay less and get higher quality workers. Our accountability system allows you to rate the performance of each employee, and you can even hire your favorites to join your company long-term.

Try Our App Today!

It’s time you hired trusted temp workers without all the runaround. Sign up for Bacon and find the best workers for your company today.