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Food Production & Service Staffing

If you’re looking for food service temp agencies in Utah or Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX, look no further than the Bacon app. We turn the traditional temp agency on its head and make it easier than ever to find workers for your hospitality team. Whether you need servers, dishwashers, cashiers, or beyond, you’ll find just what you’re looking for with Bacon.

Restaurant Temp Agency in Utah and Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

If you have a restaurant or provide food service, you might frequently be short-staffed or in need of workers for special events. But, finding new workers can be a headache that involves paperwork, adding new employees to payroll, as well as getting any new hires up to speed.

Luckily, Bacon eliminates all those obstacles with one simple app. Our food service agency in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX  and Utah allows you to hire workers with the tap of a finger. Now you can post a job and find qualified applicants in just minutes. You simply scan their profile, read reviews, and then hire them—all within the app. Just like that, they’re ready to work at your restaurant when you need them most.

The Best Restaurant Staffing App

Bacon is hands-down the best restaurant staffing app for those looking for temp work in the food service industry. Why? We make it easier than ever to find a job and get paid. There’s no more waiting around for the right job to cross your path, then waiting weeks to get a paycheck. Do your thing as an experienced line cook, bartender, or hostess, and get hired and paid right through the app.

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When you need a restaurant temp agency in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX or in Utah, Bacon is ready to meet your needs. Download our temp agency app today for all of your food service needs.