Hire on-demand

with a simple online app.

Hire workers for as short as a single shift.


“Bacon consistently provides harder-working candidates than other temp services.”
-Lauren F.

Utah Valley Convention Center

Why Bacon is better

Simple to use

Our app is very simple and takes care of all the hassle of hiring. It takes less than 5 minutes to post a job and usually less than a day to see it filled.

Better workers

The flexibility of our platform helps us attract higher-quality workers. Using our system, you can see how past employers have rated our Bacon worker.

No more paperwork

No need for filling out job applications or tax documents. All workers on our platform have completed paperwork and are ready to show up.

Lower cost

In most cases we will match or beat the price you are paying your current temp agency. We guarantee to save you time and money.

FAQ & Details

Legal Employer

Workers from Bacon are independent contractors. They are not an employee of Bacon or your company but are free to find the jobs that best fit their own schedule and skills.

Hourly Wages

You set the wage to pay the worker and determine the amount of hours to be worked according to your needs.
Posts on Bacon are a contract between you and the worker.

Paying Workers

Workers are automatically paid through the Bacon platform upon completing the contract. Our platform uses Stripe to ensure payments are simple and secure. We do not store any payment information.

Pricing & Fees

Bacon charges 35-40% of the total wages paid to the worker in addition to hourly wages.
For example, a shift of four hours at $10/hr will amount to $52 total. Bacon uses these fees to recruit and vet quality workers for you.

Background Checks

You have the ability to run a background check on any worker on our platform. Bacon is partnered with a nationally-accredited background verification company. Most Bacon workers have previous background checks which you may access by request.

Full-time Hiring

You may offer employment to any Bacon worker after they have worked a shift, FREE of charge. We encourage our workers to impress you and hope they are worth hiring full-time.

Payment Options

Bacon accepts two payment options though the platform:

1. Credit card is our preferred method. American Express, Visa, Master Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay are all accepted.

2. Invoice is accepted. Upon completion of work you will be sent an invoice via email. Payment of the invoice can be handled online.

Workers Compensation

Workers from Bacon are required to have an independent workers compensation policy. If a worker is unable to provide proof of a policy, he/she may opt into the Bacon "Safety and Liability" policy in order to have coverage. The fee for this policy is taken from the worker's wages.

U.S. Citizenship

All workers from Bacon are required to be U.S. citizens.

Above 18

All workers from Bacon are required to be 18 or above.

Criminal Records

All workers from Bacon must agree to a background check. If significant legal history is found on the record, including any felony, the worker is not allowed to use the Bacon platform.

Theft or Harassment

Any reported theft or harassment by workers or employers results in an automatic ban from the platform.

For additional information on our policies see our Terms & Conditions

More questions? info@baconinc.com