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Do you dread the thought of using temp agencies to find work, or staff your company? If so, you aren't the only one. In our gig economy, we believe it’s time a gig app stepped up to the plate—which is why we created Bacon.

The Trouble with Staffing Jobs

We think temp agencies are full of inefficiencies that you have every right to avoid. For a business, there’s the stress of wondering if the employee will be reliable, the headache of adding a new person to payroll, and the resources it takes to train the temp. For the job seeker, there’s the tedium of finding a job, and the worry about it being a good fit.
Luckily, Bacon takes all of the stress out of staffing jobs. Our temp services in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX and Utah are simple, efficient, and thoroughly modern. So what does it take to get in on this temp agency revolution? Just download our app.

Our Staffing Services App

The Bacon app allows companies to quickly post all the details about their staffing jobs straight from their phone. Within minutes, thousands of qualified workers get an alert about the opportunity and can apply with the click of a button.Businesses can then check out reviews and profiles of all the candidates, ensuring they find the perfect person for the job. Once they’ve selected a worker, they can hire them right through the app. (Three cheers for less paperwork!)
The temp worker will be on the scene trained and ready to do the job, eliminating the stress of showing a newbie the ropes. Once the job is done, the worker will be paid via the Bacon app—so there’s no need to even think about payroll.

Get Temp Staffing in Utah or Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

If you’re a worker looking for a short-term gig, or you are a company in need of temp staffing in Utah or Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX, download the Bacon app today. We’ve changed the temp services game forever, so finding and filling staffing jobs has never been easier.