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Use the Bacon app in Nashville to find and work local shifts near you. With Bacon, you can work what you want, when you want.
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250 + shifts

"The Bacon App allowed me to fill gaps in my schedule to increase my income at a much faster rate than dedicating my time to apply for various jobs the traditional way."

150 + shifts

"What I love about Bacon is that if you are willing to show up and work, you can be self-reliant."

67 + shifts

"My husband is retired and I need to have freedom in my life to pick up and go out of town. The Bacon App works perfect for that. I can work when I want and be off when I need to."

19 + shifts

"I used Bacon for 3 weeks and got hired permanently by a company I never imagined myself working at. I am in management and love every bit of what I do. Bacon gave me the opportunity!"


How much can I earn by working shifts?
There is no limit to how many shifts you can work on the Bacon app! Which also means that there is no limit to how much you can earn. Bacon does not set the hourly wage for shifts--the companies that post shifts on Bacon decide on the hourly wage. Aside from shift wages, you can earn additional cash by referring friends to the app or participating in our Level-Up program!
do i work for bacon?
No. Bacon is a gig-work app, similar to Uber or Door Dash. Because of this, you are considered an independent contractor, a 1099 worker.
What kind of shifts are on Bacon?
Bacon strives to partner with companies in a variety of different industries. While most shifts involve warehouse/logistics labor, there are also shifts in retail, hospitality, and transportation. Keep checking the Bacon app to discover new shifts and opportunities!
How do i get paid?
Upon creating a Bacon account, you will add your bank account info. Once you complete a shift and the company verifies your hours, the payment process begins. Weekly payments will arrive to your account each Friday. Bacon Workers also have the option to opt-in for "quick pay".