BACON IS COMING TO weber county


Sign up for prelaunch access and up to $100 in bonuses!

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earn UP TO $100 IN BONUSES

step 01

fill out the above form

step 02

download the Bacon app

step 03

work 2 shifts


$50 after your second shift

Step 01
Fill out the above form
Step 02
Download the app
step 03
Be first 5 to work 2 shifts
Recieve $50

Refer a friend TO earn AN extra $10

Refer up to 5 friends
copy & share this link
  1. Refer a friend to Bacon using the link
  2. Make sure your friends use your name during sign up
  3. After launch, work a shift on Bacon and get paid an extra $10!
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  1. In order to receive any of the above bonuses, you must work at least one shift.
  2. Only those who have filled out the form on this page are eligible to receive bonuses.
  3. The refer a friend is viable up to 5 friend referrals. Additionally, refer a friend bonuses can only be received once the referred friend works at least one shift. You must work one shift for each friend you refer in order to receive your bonus.
  4. In order to revive the $50 bonus, you must work at least 2 shifts.
  5. There is no time constraint for when you must work your first shift.
  6. Only those living in Weber County, Utah are eligible to receive the bonuses.