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Create a shift for your fulfillment jobs.
Select your workers from applicants by viewing their profiles, ratings and reviews.
After the shift is complete, rate and pay your workers all from the app.


Bacon is designed to leave out the frustrating aspects of the old temp model and introduce the power and simplicity of on-demand staffing.


Don't waste time entering into contracts with temp and staffing agencies--Bacon is the tech solution to the unique demands of quick temporary staffing.

You're in control

You own every aspect of the job--the pay, job type, requirements, you even choose the workers who show up to get the job done. We don't tell you how to do your job.

What your warehouse management system is missing

You understand the value of having a warehouse management system (WMS) that is both flexible and reliable. You need to ensure that you can fulfill orders no matter what fluctuating demands come your way.
The best warehouse management systems are ones that are tech-driven. As the world turns toward e-commerce, the fulfillment industry that supports it must also turn towards tech. On-demand staffing is the solution to warehouse fulfillment temp hiring.
Hiring temp workers through the Bacon app will allow you to fulfill all your orders on time and allow us to staff you with the best warehouse workers in your area.

warehouse fulfillment needs a back-up plan

No matter how sophisticated, advanced, or fail proof your warehouse management system is, every system is prone to failure and weakness. When the time comes that orders are spiked and your workforce is low, hire temp workers with the Bacon app.
Your clients can be assured that even when they are in times of extreme demand, you have a back-up plan to find warehouse workers to help fulfill those demands.

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