university of utah

From the traditional temp agency to the modern way: on-demand hiring.


71% fill-rate

University of Utah concessions provides concessions for all sporting events on the University of Utah campus. Their events can be massive in size and can require dozens of workers for just a single shift...nothing Bacon couldn't handle.

When their hiring sytems needed to adapt, bacon was there

University of Utah concessions had always found volunteers to work concessions for their events over the years with high school clubs and teams. Bacon learned that more and more high school clubs and teams were pulling out of volunteering or not signing up to work events that they had been working for years--they were looking for a solution to their problem. 

Temp agencies are good, but Bacon is better

After the University of Utah had a go with temp agencies for a time, Bacon was approached by the Concessions Operations Manager looking for help. After discussing how Bacon worked, she handed it over to the Concessions Operations Supervisor. Bacon stepped in and filled the positions needed for 2 shifts that consisted of 64 people. From that point on they have been using Bacon and stopped using a temp agency they had been using for years when they were in a pinch.

What they like

University of Utah Concessions values that Bacon does not dictate every aspect of the shift--they like that they can select the people that apply and see who is coming before the shift starts. They also like that Bacon does not decide how much the workers are paid, that part is left 100% up to the company. To top it off, University of Utah Concessions says that Bacon is more dependable than the other companies they have used to supplement their needs.