Freshly Picked

93% fill rate, 6 workers hired full-time, and a quality business to business relationship




Freshly Picked is a high end leather baby moccasin and diaper bag manufacturer. Because they are a local Utah startup, it is important to be able to utilize temporary help to scale up and down when needed.

out with the old, in with the good: the switch to bacon

When Freshly Picked connected with Bacon, they were already using a competitor of ours. After a one-week test of using Bacon and a competitor, they made the full switch over to temp hire with Bacon. One thing that sets Bacon apart is the personal touch—Bacon always has someone ready to talk to on their customer success team.

the good

Since the start of the relationship, Bacon and Freshly Picked have developed a relationship that is worth envying. Joseph (Freshly Picked) works side by side with Matt (Bacon) and has been a champion for Bacon ever since they made the switch. Joseph has been willing to promote Bacon any chance he gets—he has even helped Bacon on the radio when the company needed to talk about the benefits of using Bacon.

Joseph has mentioned multiple benefits of using Bacon. The quality and reliability of workers compared to other temp labor providers, and the responsiveness of the Bacon team in providing customer service and product improvements.