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April 18, 2023

How Can Gig Workers Upskill Through eLearning Tools?

Freelancers need to find ways to stand out as the gig economy becomes more competitive than ever.

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A Pew Research report states that gig platforms made it easier to connect workers with businesses that need extra help, which is why more Americans are using these platforms to earn extra money while enjoying greater flexibility. Due to the success of these platforms, it’s estimated that more than half of the US workforce will be made up of gig workers by 2027.

Now that the gig economy is the future of work, freelancers actively seek opportunities that can help them stand out from the crowd. In fact, our article entitled ‘What U.S. Gig Economy Workers Are Expecting In The New Year’ points out that gig workers will benefit from professional development opportunities this 2023. Training and mentorship programs can enhance their skills in their industry and make them in demand among clients for many years.

The good news is that you can easily upskill and become more valuable as a gig worker by using these eLearning tools:

Learn new techniques through online courses

You can become a master at your craft by searching for advanced techniques or helpful strategies online. While gig work can get busy during certain periods, Coursera makes it easier for people to access video lectures of courses that last about ten minutes or less. These video lectures of university instructors can also be viewed from a mobile device, making it possible for you to increase your knowledge of warehousing operations and event management during your free time. Thanks to these video lectures, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to learn tricks and tips from top university educators.

Earn certificates through learning platforms

While video lectures can already boost your knowledge, you can further impress your clients by getting online certifications for specific skills. You can get these from Coursera, which provides certificates once you finish all the lessons and pass all the tests from their paid lessons. Meanwhile, you can watch online courses on Alison to earn certificates from their free online courses. By finishing these courses and collecting your certificates, you can prove your competency in your field and increase your chances of booking more clients.

Read online study notes to increase your knowledge

You can also read lecture notes and topic summaries to refine your knowledge and competency in specific skill sets. Rather than watching full lectures, Studocu shows that you can look up free books, documents, and even summaries about certain topics on dedicated learning platforms. Students from top educational institutions create and share these resources to help people understand tricky topics in event management, catering, and other subjects. Browsing through these online study notes can help you refine your techniques and improve your services so that you can attract more clients.

Use language apps to connect with more clients

If you’re a gig worker in the service industry, you can find it easier to connect and find clients once you learn how to speak foreign languages. Fortunately, you can just download Duolingo to increase your vocabulary in your chosen language and build your confidence in speaking them. Duolingo also offers new features to support your language learning, such as the supplementary learning materials that are part of language learning paths and the Stories function that helps you get used to the sounds of real conversations. Through this language-learning app, it’s easier to serve your clients and accommodate their needs.You can book more gigs once you start investing in your professional development. To take your career to new heights, check out our services here at Bacon Work. Bacon’s clients hire on-demand, making it easier for you to find gigs in the cleaning, warehousing, catering, events, and general labor industries.

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